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  1. I just came back to this game after a year and a half and also seems I cannot change style to any of my old heroes. I can anyway change color of items for a new heroes in Blacksmith is it bug or is it intended to not work for older characters? As i remember old customization was available from the menu screen and it is not usable at the moment. Thx.
  2. Hello everyone. So I am here 1 year later to ask. If this game has the promised split-screen COOP now ? Or everyone already forgot it was promised on release ?
  3. @DaBaDee I did the same to play with my GF months ago, because full release was announced to have it. But unfortunately I (and many others) felt scammed, and probably you will wait year or so before it will appear in game. I just came back to forums to check if they implemented functionalities that they announced on release... but as I see in this post I missed nothing from allowing dust to gather on this game. Of course it is only my opinion, but to be honest, ask yourself a question. What this game gave you? I gave it a chance and one of the mayor reason was split screen, because a
  4. Have you tried using mouse wheel ? :)
  5. I do not think lava mines are exception, I experienced time limit on this map many of times. I bet more some sort of bug or our defender @[UMF] Filthylopez may have checked time limit before building phase , where on all difficulties settings it has unlimited time :)
  6. Now i get it. My appologies for offtopic, did not slept much this night because of DDA farming.
  7. @DRAGONVSKIRA You mean character level at 'play' ? I guess 100 as there where many migrated from 'legacy' without cash and items.
  8. @chpoit If someone pays million to a company to construct custom Lamborghini and after few months they returning him fiat Tico, believe me the constructors would need to pay them back everything they get paid after court hearing. This is why companies that creates applications show their customer program iterations to let him see, if everything going way they want and to catch misunderstanding between them. @braveturtle Anyway supporting is not equal to buying. As someone who bought the product on steam (which has different description than content is reality) you can always get refund
  9. @interval noticed part with tool delivery, but not found detail about any of above 'copying'. @Ryzours thanks mate :)
  10. I start thinking about returning to my old chars even if I am already 73lvl + on 'Play mode' and NM mostly unlocked. The gold farmed during last 2 months would be nice to have, it all depend when the transfer will be possible. If not earlier than 2 weeks, then I see no reason to return to old char (spent only 120 hours in EA) Anyway I am in positive attitude because people who spent 500h+ will definitely be happy from this fact and will be playing again ( I missing some players from EA that stop playing this game because of launch missing features and this situation with accounts )
  11. First at all I would like to express my happiness from what I read, moving money and characters would be awesome solution, anyway i got some concerns and because of that i need to ask few questions: - What if I already created chars on 'Play' mode with same nicknames ? Will I be able to overwrite them with 'Legacy ones'? - Will 'Play' money be replaced with 'Legacy' money? - Will 'Play' items stay on account? - What is estimated date for tool (no need for strict answer it can be for example: not earlier than 1week, 2 weeks, 1 month) Thanks in advance :)
  12. Yeah yeah, we all know we read the same in every topic regarding missleading release content. You are the only smart one who understand how it works and the rest which wanted release features like split screen ettecera are wrong... ohh wait you probably do not going to use this feature... you even do not have friends to play with as you mentioned in other subject. "Marked as hacker". I do not boycott DDA, but sweet God when I see such malignancy so many times, toward the others from same person I can not simply go without responding. I wish all players (which did not start supportin
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