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  1. LOL I totally forgot you have to be level 70, I hit level 70 so long ago in early access that I forgot it was a requirement for nightmare. Although, I swear I read the description on deeper well and it didn't mention level 70 anywhere! Thanks man
  2. So I've gone through and completed the entire campaign on medium, hard, and insane now but seem to be completely unable to move on to deeper well or any other nightmare map. I have the green check mark under insane Summit and everything but all of the nightmare maps are grayed out anyways. Anyone else having this problem or fixed it somehow?
  3. I honestly think this is a pretty bad practice because you aren't actually rating the game on its own merits. If a bunch of people actually did look at this post and go leave negative reviews (effectively brigading) it would give a false impression on the quality of the actual game itself. Yeah, the soft reset and price change can be frustrating, but they aren't relevant to future purchasers and abusing steam reviews to force developers hands without actually reviewing the quality of the game seems like a problematic way to go about things
  4. It's not wiped it's archived, and accessible. Why do you care about the forums anyways? That seems like a strange complaint
  5. I think you're being unnecessarily harsh. Covid has severely harmed their ability to work efficiently from my understanding, and for good reason. No one could have predicted the pandemic and they're right to prioritize their safety. The first two complaints and the last (and the third to an extent) are relatively minor issues that will likely be implemented before too long. As is now, the game has a lot of new content and is barely "flimsy." The game largely works as intended and looks muuccch better overall. It was never intended to be a true sequel, but I think with future content updates w
  6. I'll give you second place kiddo
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