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  1. Seems highly improbable, but then theres the difference between people who have hacked items and those who are blatantly hacking it.
  2. New players don't do end game content. Just because you have access to it, doesn't mean you are prepared.
  3. Albeit, it's still really annoying to know that I have to spend 100m before I can earn 100 more
  4. Do your mythical items get hit as hard with the NM nerf? That is, do your mythical items receive as hard of a resistance nerf as godly does.
  5. Still working through NM UMF, but a reminder to all the DPSers out there, consider your towers. They are not nerfed as hard, and if you are a powerful builder or hybrid(Must be really powerful if hybrid) then build your towers up and watch them do 30-40% of the killing while you try to cover the rest.
  6. Magical missiles tend to be able to clear out every side! And so you only need to have traps/auras to watch their back, or you can trap/aura areas where spiders fall down. The only instance you need to do stuff is to kill ogres and kill boss
  7. Gear progression CAMPAIGN-->SURVIVAL-->SURVIVAL MIXED MODE-->UMF. Same for all difficulties. Now do it on Nightmare. InsaneUMF-->NM UMF doesn't work.
  8. RAPE. Seriously. Holy. ****.
  9. Weapons should be scaling off of nightmare mode~. I think Nightmare = 2x Insane, and as you said you're nerfed so freaking much
  10. Also, if you have any recommendations for me to try please post here.
  11. LIVESTREAM STATUS: OFFLINE I'm looking at the forums and trying out different set ups; for now I'm doing duoing. I'll record and post as I see fit, but if you want to see what's happening, the link is http://www.livestream.com/simplexgaming http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=4913 Completed, the set up is nice since it requires less work, but it does tend to not give you a lot of leeway in extra time at the end. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=4920 CURRENT SET UP
  12. shields fists katanas fast crystal swords epees large swords medium hammers slow with the update dps doesnt vary that much until you get to really high upgrades, but until then using a medium or slow weapon with decent upgrades will do about the same dps as a fast one.
  13. Well I figure a forty ounce should be cheap, maybe 4 bucks max. The hookers part might be tough....... Lol sorry OT, but needed some levity. Really though, I think the big shot to me too was I picked up Orcs Must Die and was surprised because they did it so well in that game. Its enough to where you have to kill stuff yourself and you cant rely soley on traps, which is how I felt with this game originally. Now its sort of the only thing you can do if you want to beat high end missions is Aura/Trap everything and switch to your DPS character. For a strategy game, DD lately seems to lac
  14. Do you reccomend instant repair or overcharge?
  15. See the bit in my original post were I'm using moderate survival gear ( resistances in the 50s ). I run around in circles around my base to try and avoid getting hit. Ninjas just hit you regardless since they move faster. Dying isn't the problem, it's getting back into the game after respawn. Right now, there's no 'fair' second chance with extra lives as there's nothing I can do about dying right after a respawn. I do have an elec + inferno trap in that area but monster HP are way too high in later waves to keep it clear. ( eg kill large mobs there within the 3 second respawn countdown - n
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