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  1. I really agreed with ArchaicLotus's point about wow classic, it brings me back. Easier loot wouldn't help to attract the real players. Though I like how challenging Classic is, there are definitely times when it feels outright unfair. Quests that involve braving monster-filled caves are a nightmare unless you have a friend to help because the enemy density is often too high, making it easy to pull a pack of gnolls by accident. It's such slow going that sometimes by the time I reach my objective, all the enemies have respawned behind me. My only option in these moments is to continually run back to my corpse from the graveyard and resurrect and run for the exit .I even bought a lot of cheap wow classic gold to support my account.Rinse and repeat until I'm safe. DDA is good for most players i think.
  2. Not yet, just begin the game, good luck buddy
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