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  1. Have you tried setting it to wombo? Anyways, sometimes the filters gets resetted, dunno if that still happens now. Also, double check all the ones you checked, better yet, post a screenshot here to people can see what could be the issue. Another one regarding the Max bag capacity is, even though it shows you have 2 bags used up, if a Filter setting is set, then you might be seeing on the ones you filtered(unknowingly) and not the rest of the items that aren't included in the filter.
  2. Can we make it so that if you PRESS and HOLD R, that you repair defenses 1 by 1 within the reparable area? This might solve the issue wherein it's hard to repair things mid-wave just because you can't click on them. This is a QoL type of change, but even for me, as the one that is suggesting it, would seem that this is just another "easy mode" work around. So yeah, won't hurt throwing random ideas around anyways. Right? :)
  3. We all sure do hope that you were able to get his name, get a screenshot, a video even better. Everyone's curious now.
  4. When mine got transferred, it's 60s already without even any upgrades. and I've seen prop cats with 100s.
  5. Chest Rewards isn't an issue right now with the introduction of START FROM WAVE option. Also, in terms of gear drops, until they remove the floor cap of 40ish items during Combat Phase, it stays relatively useless. The cap is probably due to processing issues on their part, on that I'm not so sure. But items do disappear on the floor and get replaced by higher Item Power(dunno if that was changed with the latest patches). So until the cap is changed, the "more gear drops" won't be noticeable. There might be more chance of getting higher item power though on that aspect since if there will be m
  6. I think the reason why this wouldn't just work is due to the differing max DU per map, the number of opened portals, areas to defend, monster spawns and so on. If Ancient Mine would simply drop the same stuff in Promenade/Summit, people might not even bother playing on those maps anymore and just stick to Ancient Mines where there's no Wyvern and no Copters too(NMHC perspective). But yeah, I get your point. Just pointing out my take on this too. However, this would indeed increase the diversity of map being run and not just a few being spammed.
  7. I think what will happen is.. or what is supposed to happen is that if you haven't even entered PLAY realm, your Legacy will automatically be transferred. Now.. I think what will happen is that... If you played at PLAY Realm, then you will have the option of overwriting your PLAY in favor of LEGACY. If you don't use that option, you get to keep your PLAY but will lose your LEGACY(will be wiped from my understanding). So.. yeah, it might be nice to get people informed 100% of what might and could happen. :)
  8. Didn't even know that there's a distinction between Hardcore and non-Hardcore clears. we need some clarification on this one.
  9. Say Hello to Enrage Aura, it might be your second best friend now because Poison Elem Siren makes them immune to Gas Trap, Enrage Aura would act as a secondary "gas trap" and also a choke point/wall. It takes time to get used to it though if you're new to it but it really helps and it works.
  10. Yes it does, however it's hard to determine how much the effect is unless someone actually would try and get themselves hit in the face a few times with and without the SDA and Armor.
  11. From the talks before, it's not affected because of how it scales for the upgrades. But if they will be changing it to be affected by ATK stat, then it might be better for everyone especially because of Massacre debuff.
  12. Yup. That's what they do. They don't care about walls if they CAN pass through. What you can do is make sure they can't. I was able to finish Ancient Mines by using 2 walls on Left side and 3 Walls(or was it 4) on the right side(the part where 2 spawn points will collide). Next is you want to deal as much AoE damage as you want for you to actually kill them. So Inferno Traps/Lightning Aura would really be your best friend since they will hit EVERYTHING within their range. For Inferno Traps, you can stack the AoE portion by using CTRL + Mouse Wheel to make the Activation area smaller.
  13. One way for this to happen, and it's very rare, is that for some reason, an Archer wound up and shot at you but didnt hit you.. Unlucky, your crystal took an arrow on it's knees.
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