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  1. SnaksAwnSnaks ty, but i have tried that. I just needed to delete all my progress(heroes and maps that i have previously beaten). To be exact im playing the game again from lvl 0. Im lvl 70 but my nightmare is not unlocked and i have beaten whole campaign and insane summit.
  2. I am lvl 70 on all my heroes, and i have beated whole campaign (including bonus maps) and beated summit on insane but nightmare is not unlocked for me. Can someone help? Do i need to beat the whole campaign on Insane HC or thats just a bug.
  3. Hello everyone. Ive just updated the game to goblin mech update and i have a problem. When i start the game and the intro beggins to run my game just crashes. I have updated windows and my gpu drivers, reinstalled the game, start the game as an administrator, deleted all my ram cache, but its still crashing. I thought it was my ram or cpu but no. Their usage was around 70% or less. Ive tried switching priority to high but nothing. And yea when it crashes, no error comes up like video drivers stopped or something like that. I hope someone has a solution. Thanks anyways.
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