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  1. So I found out that my cloud save had all my characters and weapons. But I lost everything when I shut down my Xbox during a saving process like the idiot I am. But I did find something interesting though, I had a weapon called Oculus of the Genie King. It was maxed out and did almost 4000 base damage. Now I’m trying to find it, could somebody give me tips on how to find this weapon?
  2. Since I couldn’t make a decision on what hero to use, I just chose all four. But IMO, I feel like playing the game alone would be kinda boring. So if anyone that has an Xbox 360 wants to play DD with me, message me. My gamertag is AndreasA2013.
  3. I still haven’t made a decision yet because I wanna see if anybody else will help me out here
  4. So before you say anything, I’m playing on an Xbox 360 and my gamertag is my username on this forum. So I’ve decided to play theough the game all over again, but I don’t know what hero to choose. Should I choose the Apprentice? The Squire? The Huntress? Or the Monk?
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