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  1. A sequel is by definition something that comes after the first game. Not the exact same thing as the first game with a few changes and graphical facelift. DD2 is the actual sequel to DD1. It was a questionable sequel that did lots of stupid things -- in particular the freemium cashgrab nonsense that hobbled its game design forcing insane amounts of grind to keep you on the hamsterwheel and the copious abuse of limited inventory space so you keep getting tempted to spend money on the game. Chromatic is trying to wash away the freemium taste of DD2 with DDA but it's really worse than
  2. DDA doesn't make sense. Period. They should have made DD3 instead. I'm not saying they should prioritize DD2. Heck, I'd be happy if htey just added offline mode to DD2 and pulled the plug on it. I'd be perfectly happy with that. I want to be able to keep playing DD2 for the foreseeable future, same way I got to keep playing DD1 (which incidentally is a far better experience than playing DDA frankly). But making DDA was a mistake. We told them that a year ago, but they still went ahead with this shameless cash grab.
  3. Holy cow historic achievement. Congratulations to you guys!
  4. Okay so I've been trying to game the AP Reset system by selling some of the nice gear I had to an Alt Account, so I can buy it back later when I'm done AP Resetting at Chaos 7 (and not need to upgrade it all the way back up). Basically just relics and pieces I got while playing which had level 8-10 mods. So I tried selling one to an Alt Account and it got scaled down to Campaign. Bummer. I figure it's because the alt account was a newb account at Campaign Level. So I tried raising him all the way up to Chaos 7, which I did. Now, I tried selling a Chaos 7 item to him again, and this
  5. It's standard for most of these kinds of online games. You don't "own" the lobby of a game you start so if two people show up they can pretty much kick you from it. Some games have a "party leader" but even they can be kicked by mutiny.
  6. Thanks for the tip. It worked and I cleared 114 on my first try (with a few replays of wave 4 and 5). But got through Wave 3 without being molested. Doubled down on FA and overcapped it like you said, worked like a charm. I still had to focus one of the more problematic lanes with my DPS hero but I managed to eke a win, so looks like I'll be hitting the 120s (maybe) before I reset.
  7. Ah so she's specifically a node breaker. Good to know! She must have gotten angry after I kicked her butt in Prime 4.
  8. I only have one Gilded Defense Rate at this time. SO the trick is to overcap rate for a fire defense like FA, so that when it is slowed by the frost orc you are still diong max DPS?
  9. I'm currently at Floor 114 and I might have finally hit the wall for my current state. I'm level 650+ and have only Chaos 7 gear, with some nice mods and stuff. No Tenacity 10. I can't seem to beat the floor no matter what, I keep losing at 3rd wave. I usually use Monk/EV2/Apprentice and have a Gunwitch or Barb for DPS. But I can't beat frost mobs, they just overpower my defences and run through the stunlock. I probably don't have enough DPS to deal with them. Tried different builds, did the meta Reflect Beam method (tried with Automation and without) but no dice. Tried using W.MFR
  10. Bastille Master boss can destroy the W.MFR? That's interesting to note. Can she destroy other nodes like Reflect Beam?
  11. Well just to give a status update. I'm now at Floor 110 and am about to start doing AP resets. But I need to gild more shards. Also my Gilded Destruction Shard disappeared from my inventory. Grr. Now I need to make another one. I had a set of DS, DR and Dest gilded the last time I did AP Resets, but now I'm missing the Destruction. I'm grinding C1 right now to make a new one. And got kicked out of a C1 game by some new players hahahha. Bigotry against elites! I will probably still push a few more floors on Onslaught but I'm definitely reaching my limit at 110. But I need to grind shards t
  12. It is still useful for melee DPS heroes who need a way to deal with flyers. Barbs use them for that purpose because they lack ranged attacks.
  13. As in it was destroyed and gone from the map, and you get the yellow status message on top saying one of your defenses was destroyed.
  14. Had the shock of my life, my Weapon MFR was somehow destroyed while I was doing a floor of Onslaught. I was of the impression Nodes can't be destroyed, yet here it was broken and it caused me much grief. Is this a bug or is there really a way for W.MFR to be destroyed?
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