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  1. I appreciate your civil approach to the conversation. The current restrictions are... there aren't any, that's why everyone and their dog is farming massacre glitterhelm. The only reason your friends would find anything lower than what y'll are doing is boring - is because they've already seen the higher content and have been carried past it. If you've never seen massacre and nightmare, then insane would be really fun... because it's the highest content you've experienced with gear that is equivalent. Without having some approach to forcing progression, some form of it, the game will b
  2. ... an extension of that design would be to allow groups to join a map together "if nobody in the group has beaten it already". This would mean that everyone is in the same boat and not being carried to victory... let's earn it TOGETHER.
  3. ... All you need to do is stop allowing players to join public/private games that they haven't solo'd themselves. There is a LARGE contingency of players claiming this game is too easy because they joined games of other people doing ALL THE WORK - then AFK farming 300 gear in Glitterhelm games. Of course that is easy, you didn't do anything! I recommend that Chromatic Games change the system to disallow the player base to join public AND private games until they have solo'd it themselves. Problem solved, go earn your spot at the top and you can farm until your heart is content. There
  4. "Basketball is too easy, where is the difficulty? I just play and practice a lot... it's too easy" ~Michael Jordan
  5. Same, the shadow skins are on for the day... then all of the characters are reverted back to normal skins. I don't even care to use the shadow anymore, not manually doing that every day.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to address this. I worry about the rioting player base flooding the forums with "HACKER!" when in reality, it's just high end players and the average player just can't believe what they're seeing. When you see a DST hit for 1.5M a pop in a promenade game, public players usually start with "WTF?".
  7. Thank you for sharing your experience with the Squire! ~Any other high end players allocating points elsewhere for different reasons? I'm debating on making a Squire that is 100% Vitality just to see what this looks like. Wondering if 1 million HP will be needed for Massacre survival late waves, or future bosses [Think Akatiti].
  8. Question for the DDA community [Massacre - End Game]: Before I go dumping 15B gold into an attack Squire... I figured I would ask the community first. Has anyone maxed his Attack and tossed like a 280(ish) maxed out weapon on him? I found a pretty sweet Katana and thinking about it, but maybe there is a better weapon I should be looking for - or maybe he will just suck no matter what idk.
  9. I forgot to address the achievements portion... I am very hopeful these transfer over, because I did complete every map, on every difficulty, of ever mode - just as you described. Doing it all again would be huge waste of time for the trophies.
  10. I am waiting as well, similar situation but I haven't tried to play my Legacy toons for fear of messing up the crossover somehow [hopefully yours being locked out doesn't mess it up]. I actually stopped playing for the game at all for about 4 days now because I don't know how this will affect me. If there is a chance that I get to keep my gold/items - I don't want to screw that up. There is nothing I can farm in the new Play mode that is remotely close to my maxed out end game EA gear, it took's 100's of hours to farm all that gold just to max it out. I am thankful for the 100's coming ove
  11. I get at least 3-5 legendary shields in NM deeper well Pure Strategy. I'm guessing you can get lower quality of the same in Insane/Hard.
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