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  1. No. If people stop complaining about it, they may mistakenly think we don't care any more. It is by far the worst problem with the game right now, and has been for a while, and it needs to be fixed. They can stuff all their other updates, so long as they fix this issue. I agree with you, I think there should be one big thread thats sticky'd where you can go talk about this being as this should be posted in the PC area not the General discussion area considering this doesn't affect Xbox users. Also I think they should make it save your progress after every wave, therefore you don't have
  2. You cannot speak for the majority. I must strongly disagree here. Yes some people may have this happen more/less than others, but you have no right to dismiss a wide-crowd problem just because you're lucky not to have it. I can garauntee you under the name of my whole computing career that there is nothing wrong with anything i have control of. It is a steam problem yes, but people cannot play the game, so yes it is Trendynet who have to find a way around, to allow players to get back into being able to play the game. Steam has always been unreliable, and that unfortunately doesnt seem to
  3. You seem to have problems with comprehensive reading, there is no reason for any game to rely on the steam friends server for anything other than joining a server. The fact that they for some godforsaken reason decided to boot you out of the game as soon as you lose connection to the friends server is ridiculous. Even valve's own games don't rely on the friends server to play online. I don't know if you know this, but for most of the first year that steam was introduced, the friends system was offline. I've never been kicked out of a cs source match or been unable to join one. Hell I can
  4. What should i do? To me its clearly hacked but i could be wrong!! looks like the exact same weapon that "Theguy" had dropped in his afk shop, I would delete it, its clearly hacked.
  5. Guess who doesn't have 4-6 hours to sit in a game because he works, has a son, a wife, etc... THIS GUY Guess who is very jealous that there is a map designed to be 30-40 mins that gives all the ultra-ultimate loot + CRAZY AS HELL mana gains... THIS GUY Guess who wonders why there isn't an equal 30-40 min map with 35-40 ups and 8-15mil mana/hour gains... THIS GUY Guess who wonders why there aren't any "global" items that drop from hard-insane maps that have value to everyone so that EVERYONE can participate in the AFK trade market... THIS GUY Guess who wants the Turkey costume? This guy!
  6. No - see? You completely missed the point of this thread... by a mile. It has nothing to do with the item. It has everything to do with the fact that LEGITLY I invested probably a solid 150-200+ hours into this game or more... and have gotten about 20/35 upgrade gears... have roughly 250-325 or so of tower stats on my characters... and (my fault I DID have more but just switched my DPS character) about 80-100 DPS and was unable to make a scratch in UMF... like: level 1 UMF... The "mana-curve" of this game is crazy. When I got 15-20mil/hour gains rate vs what I thought was awesome 2-4mil
  7. Looks like someone had their defenses sold. QQ If hosts can randomly kick for stupid pointless reasons, may as well give them something to kick for. Personally I never kick without explicitly telling the person WHY. I.e. "Have a friend going to join on me, you'll get a kick but nothing personal." Every time I do this, the person leaves voluntarily. Never thought of doing this, OP, but sounds like a fun idea! Maybe ppl wil learn to make a private match, or at the very least hit escape in the Tavern and select "hide match." Noobcakes. Sent from my Ally using Tapatalk I don't underst
  8. At the post above, those 2 examples are flawed... The first one is flawed because no one can always do a perfect attack, so that is not freely available to the game... much like having unlimited hp with a program is cheating, doing perfect damage with a program falls into the same field for me. The second one is flawed because it doesn't apply here.... that would be more related to paying someone to level you. That example doesn't work here... And just when I was really starting to like you... JK :D of course you can never by the true sense of the term make that perfect attack or co
  9. No, it really doesn't become cheating. That word doesn't mean what you think it means. Cheating isn't defined by the situation or scenario, it's defined by the characteristics of the act itself. Using what's freely available in the game (i.e. clicking the mouse button to attack) is not cheating; ergo having a program script how you'll attack is also not cheating as it's using the same mechanism to achieve the same goal. By your logic paying someone to do your taxes for you is cheating because someone else who can't afford that same level of service may or may not get the same tax breaks
  10. Not sure if you can or not, but if you looked at pretty much all my posts, except this one of course, I do help people when they ask. If someone has a question and I can answer it, I'm more than happy to do it. However, if they don't ask/research or just assume their wrong way is right, that I don't have patience for. For that very reason 99% of the games I play are either solo or with friends. That way, not only do I not have to be the prick that kicks everyone from his games, but I know for sure that everyone I play with knows what they are doing. And the moral of my big ole grumpy post is f
  11. First I'll tackle loot, since that will be the shorter of my "rants." I don't understand how by the 3rd or so wave you didn't see the connection between all the loot disappearing and a big pile of mana getting added to your bank. However, pretending you either didn't see it, didn't connect the two, whatever the case may be, did the thought ever cross your mind, if even for a second, to ask why nobody was picking up loot? Of course not, you just assume everyone is leaving it there for you. Can't imagine why people got pissed about that. In the most general way, there are two ways people play
  12. A macro is hardly a "cheat". It does nothing you can't do yourself. It automates it. It's not like it plays for you or makes better loot drop or gives free mana. Well until your in pvp and your opponent is doing it by hand and he or she misses a step and your macro doesn't because it won't ever because it takes out the human element. Then it becomes cheating!
  13. People need to be nicer in general, the Internet is causing anti-socialism and people to become very elitist as you say. The game does need more information, but individuals that understand the way things work, expect everyone to know all the things they know. That is never the case, people perceive things differently and its always best to try to explain something to someone, or ask them why they are doing something that too you seems stupid or wrong and when they respond you can correct them if they are willing. Keep that in mind the individual has to be willing to learn as well, it is a
  14. This game is not friendly to new players. This is primarily due to the loot system. There is no explanation that items are auto-sold if you let them sit on the ground. I played on steam for several days without knowing this. And people would get all bent out of shape at me when I had no idea that I was doing anything wrong by picking things up. No one even told me. They would just say things like "kick this fu**er (you can fill in the blanks there with what you think is proper) Of course it also doesn't help that many players have an elitist attitude. So many of them just expect ev
  15. my macro heats my hot pockets in 2 mins or less :) Thats a nice macro, I got a similiar macro myself =D
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