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  1. My first entry, my personnal favorite, what's missing: pink forged name and correct ammount for the mana, of course it has to be level 200 the base i used was the green diamond <3 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ my next entry is this Backstabber blade ( thanks <Bonny> base weapon idea), its a reversed blade that you have to show your back to the enemy to attack em, extremly fun to play with. whats misssing: kewl fire colored name for the forge _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ and my final entry i used YGK as a base and made it a revamp, really cool looking, straight foward item missing: level 2012 for when dad went missing and lost his precious sword and colored forge name i can live with any color the damage that i currently set on it deals approx 19mil with a 6k knight jj
  2. Qtips

    Christmas in June!!

    finally done with this winter wonderland was the most terrible map i ran in a while, lot of crashes lot of tries, but still in the end i still did it, lot of fun doing it too. imp were the MVP in winter wonderland https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198139732374/
  3. Qtips


    nice censor bro, but i offer you a kings game survival run 8 to max wave
  4. Qtips

    (WTA) Ended

    my love and gratitude
  5. the momment you realise that you gave all your ++ cardboard tube to the tavern keeper
  6. OOOOH nice thanks all of you for this giveaway
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198139732374/
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