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  1. Hey Uber thanks for the contest I hate squire My steam id : https://steamcommunity.com/id/tooooooooooooooooooooom Enjoy buddies :D
  2. Hey there Defenders and Lord Uber . thanks for a nicely contest <3 This is my screen shot and my steam ID. Hope you guys suffer but enjoy Uber's contest :D https://steamcommunity.com/id/tooooooooooooooooooooom/ -Ke1ji
  3. Hey defenders :D I wanna know how this kekw stuff can go reach on price. If nobody bids those of stuffs below , I would raffle it Auction ends in 22/11/2020 24pm UST. I accept following Event items for insta buyout. Armguard of Earth / Fire / Smog . Diamonds are 5/10/15 ( dmg needs to cap at least) , No freaking coals please. *I will ask IC till auction ends. *There is no hidden reserve , so you could buy it very low price if nobody bids it. Im not following any benefits from them. Just curious how those spear could go with there prices, Happy Bidding A* B* C*
  4. Hey there Defenders I've been waiting this contest for a long time and here it comes out finally ! Thanks for the whimsy plane I've thought a while and chosen My Ev instead of my Fake Muffin ... Since if I choose her I will 100percent win :D Wish you guys enjoy this Nicely contest and win something very special Best wish and lov you Plane chan https://steamcommunity.com/id/tooooooooooooooooooooom
  5. Ke1ji++

    Christmas in June!!

    Very nice 'event' :kekw: Escev :kekw: Steam ID :https://steamcommunity.com/id/tooooooooooooooooooooom/
  6. 10cv for Meshak <3 stuff
  7. Sneeze thanks for uploading it but uncensor the last digit of upgrades .
  8. Hey Defenders . It has being long time since this wonderful game came out . I have a lots of memories during these playing period. Just met a tons of wonderful players and great community and i'm really happy spending times on this game. Sadly , i decided to quit playing this game because there is no updates for this wonderful game and we can see less people playing it . but for encouraging the trading in the market or trading for personal usage for the winners , I decide to invest my personal items for the contest. I'm not pretty sure how many would be joining but as for the winners , they will get my Ember Sceptre (pure farmed by myself).Image link here :https://ibb.co/h8y5fg7 Also for gathering some participants , i will offer Ginger , x2 celebracer and Mr.craker as well for the winners. Added NPC for prise also And added Mol + Ancient Plume + Memo full set for the worst base ranged prize! Please read below before joining . This contest is to measure the best farmed RANGED cardboard tubes for DPS. The dead line is 29/5/2020 11:59 CEST. The 1st winning prise will be Ember Sceptre showing above with link. But the Winner can choose from the prise above as well. 2nd winner can choose the remaining prise witch you want , as well as 3rd ~ 6th winners! And also adding 100cv for as Diamonds +cubes for my favorite tubes I select ( I'll swear I will be fair to be all for the participants) The contest will be same style as Polly Contest .Post the cardboard tubes item information in detail to this forum page AND your steam profile. 21/5/2020 : Adding rules to prevent alt account joining . I request to who enters to the contest have to show how many hours they played . If you really dont want to open account total amount play time , please show me the playtime when you recieve your prize . I also have the right to decline giving the prize if once I thought I'm giving my prize to alt account. Sorry for changing the rules all of sudden. I want to give more people chances who really wants to win the contest. Also it will be okay for the one who is showing playtime to only friends. Add me for that case .My steam account is : https://steamcommunity.com/id/tooooooooooooooooooooom/ To participate , please post the image in this forum as reply. Make sure Ultimate ++ needs to be censored for the last digit for hero/tower status. But do not censor the last digit of upgrade number. For this time , hero status will not be considered for calculating the DPS . It will be calculated for base damage and upgrade numbers after maxing projectile speed. *You can re-post your best tube for 3 times before deadline. Make sure to re-post the item detail and your steam ID showing that you are re-posting. *Tubes that will win the DPS contest need to be shown on trade before getting the reward, it is to make sure that they were farmed on ranked. *The IC of the Ember Sceptre has been done by Escev.( I will send the IC to the winner when i give to them) **The Calculation is being done by Escev . the best player in this world.** special thanks <3 Love you so much. *It can already be upgreaded , but projectile speed has to be maxed for calculation. *Ace of Spade will not be counted for the entries. *For the worst tube prize , spawning with Lv1/1 has the most chances to win this one . Sorry for trolling at the very end and I'm not a English speaker so sorry for the bad English. If any questions , poke me on rng discord server or DM me in steam or in forum, But I hope someone may get my sceptre and event items for being used or being traded . And Thanks for all . Wish you have good time . Sincerely, Ke1ji .
  9. Canceling my bids for some reason . sorry casper .
  10. Hello Defenders .And Hows it going ? Sorry I'm gonna text long sentence to here but please let me announce my give away holding 28/4/2020 22:00 PST time.→Changed to 29/04/2020 6:00AM PST Since i've got some request for time change. Sorry again. I'm going to open my shop exactly on that time and will let 11 people join to my room.(The shop name will be Ke1ji's give away) This give away is to show how i love this game and want to support people who wants to get stronger then now you are , so , I want people come in who CAN'T farm hard maps such as newest map or so by them self. My give away contains 14 tower set or hero ability set such as DPS set, up grader set or specialized in Abi1 or Abi2 set . Every set is made ult above quality and Tower set and does not include any supreme or below quality. Every tower set includes useful weapon and pets as well in current environment. And Most of the items for tower is capping in dmg or range. I also made tower hp summoner set as well.Hero set is capped or nearly capped in the way the item needs to be.(Sorry i tried my best) People who join can watch around the set what they want, I will wait for 5 minutes until all of the participants decides what they want, then i will unlock the tavern picks. Everyone can choose 1 set they want, but if there is nothing special for you, you can leave or just go to 2nd floor to see if there is some interesting armor or weapons you want for yourself. After the set pick ups , and all items are gone ,I will fill in 80 items more and after all are gone, I'm going to hold a mini quiz that anyone could possibly win. The praise is going to be Ultimate ++ arms or pets that the quiz winner can choose.Every participants can win at least 1cv as cubes or can win uncapped diamonds witch worth 5cvs : aka, cv is cube values witch is used in Dungeon Defenders. Also i have special things to give away so you can choose to stay or leave after the item pickups are done. This give away are supported by a lots of trustworthy players, and i would say it is very nice since i put all of my storage and valuable things in it. *Must read below before participating ↓ *All of the items such as Ult ++ ,diamond will get Item checked before give away. *Do not make ANY insults or bad behavior to other player who joins and NEVER pick up all of the stuffs that u don't need. You will be kicked instantly once I see it. *1 of the supporter for this give away is joining as observer for the give away but will not pick up any items. *Carrying in modded item in my room will be kicked instantly as well. *I Don't accept any reservations for participating for my give away. Sorry for long sentence just for announcing my give away. But i would like to say SPECIAL thanks to Cookie Muffin ,Evan ,C4SPER ,SunRise ,Sesar ,Meshak ,T-Bolts , who supported my give away being hold. Once again. Thanks a lot . And Thanks to Escev for the Item checks. Sincerely , Ke1ji.
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