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  1. The look of the new tooltip is great and all but why in the world would you remove affected enemies and the kill count of defenses?  Players use this info to find weaknesses or strenghts in how they build and now these two stats are just completley gone.

    Are there plans to actually do the math to showcase what a tower does on a buff beam.  Yes I know they are called "overclock" beams now, which honestly I think is stupid and don't see a need for a change because do you really "overclock" armor? Silly change imho.  Anyway I would love someone that is a math wizard over there at Chromatic to take some time and actually showcase how this adds to a tower and as a really nice to have..how about you take pet buffs into account as well and show that math too ;)

    So bring back info you've taken away and do math ;)  Is that too much to ask?

  2. The Buff Beam is Dead! LONG LIVE THE BUFF BEAM!!!!!!

    Me personally I love the EV buff beam and don't care either way if it's required or not or balanced or not.  It's just fun using it in different scenarios to clear maps.  Fun is the factor I'm looking for not exacting balance in all things related game wise.  We might as well remove monk boost, speedy gem, dragons, genies, etc...etc..etc... because they are used as well to power through difficult maps...

    Silly nonsense to scream remove something that has been a core piece to not only the hero but the game series in general.

    What's next, don't bring over the summoner hero because it makes maps easier....

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