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  1. Not sure what the max is, but I have a couple giraffes in the low 160s. They were transferred from legacy, but I assume if the transfer tool let them come in with that many upgrades, it's probably safe to assume they'll drop with at least that many.
  2. I haven't found anything particularly amazing in Massacre yet. I'm getting transcendant items dropping pretty often, but so far the highest I've seen was around 200 upgrades, so nothing worth keeping. Not too surprising though, since campaign isn't the place to farm gear. Unless Act 3 campaign kicks it up a notch (I'm not there yet), we probably won't see awesome Massacre gear until survival launches.
  3. Also a solo player - I was having similar issues. I constantly find myself wishing for just 5-6 more seconds on the wave timers. Lava Mines was especially annoying given the long travel time when heading towards the top crystal. One thing that helped me was swapping over to a damaging pet. DPS pets put out pretty decent numbers in Massacre. I'm only in Act 2 at the moment, but my NM dragon can pretty much solo Ogres, and has the added benefit of dealing with spiders before I even know they're there.
  4. Because negative feedback always seems to outweigh positive feedback online, I just wanted to take a minute and share my appreciation for you weathering the storm over the last 24 hours as many of us, including myself, vented our frustrations over the launch issues/decisions. Thank you for hearing us out, digesting our concerns, and providing a clear explanation of how you plan to smooth out these ruffled feathers. As someone who was really only upset about the play/legacy point - I, for one, am extremely satisfied with Augi's response today, and I'm excited that I can spend this weeken
  5. Yeah, massacre survival was not released in this patch. Confirmed by CG in the "What's Next" section towards the bottom of the release announcement here.
  6. I think this is a little disingenuous. Getting multiple heroes back to level 100, which many of us who invested 100s of hours in EA had, is not something easily done in one day.
  7. The community has gotten into a lot of semantics over the word "wipe" in the last day, we should probably find a better word to use. But regardless, you're correct, no progress was "lost." However, all progress was significantly altered without warning by being moved to an area which is designed to support mods. Mods will very, very likely unbalance the game, which means that all of our progress is now moved to an unbalanced environment. I believe that in many people's eyes, that is a decrease in value. I didn't spend 300+ hours level 2-3 of each hero past level 90 in an unbalanced enviro
  8. Hey pigboy, first of all, I don't really see the reason for your attitude. I'm not being aggressive or disrespectful in my post, so it doesn't seem fitting that you reply with that tone. Let's try to be civil to keep a friendly environment here. Toxicity will only make life difficult for the CG employees who have to moderate this forum. It seems you missed the last line in my post. As I admitted, yes this is technically not a "wipe." But it is effectively the same thing when you relegate previous content to a mode designed to support mods, where there will undoubtedly eventu
  9. Mary commented on the Discord that "There may be an issue with the hacker message going to people" after it was brought up there. I don't know anymore than that, but at the very least they seem to be aware of a potential issue with it.
  10. Starting a new thread since replies are locked on the new post. @[CG] LAWLTA, as a developer myself, I can appreciate that not every problem has a perfect solution. I can also appreciate that it can be very difficult to create a product which satisfies everyone in all situations. However your response seems to miss addressing one of the biggest concerns from the community, which is that we were specifically told there would NOT be a wipe just 20 days ago by Phillip in the Early Access forum post on the subject. At the time of that post, there are two possibilities, either CG knew that
  11. I was able to redeem and equip all 4 skins using the "(Fix)" codes they sent out.
  12. Ah, found the skins. Go into the Hero Swap menu, and there's an option to Customize where you can apply the skins. Also, we can customize the default skins! Which I didn't know was going to be a thing. That's a nice little bonus.
  13. This isn't a rogue-like though. It's not meant to be done again. DD is based on a time consuming grind to endgame. Forcing that grind to be repeated for no good reason seems like a justifiable excuse for players to be unhappy about it IMO.
  14. I think you might just need to log out and log back in to see them. I have my giraffe and secret tavern room now, but can't find the skins anywhere in game.
  15. Got the email with the link to the various KS reward codes, but redeeming them in game doesn't seem to be doing anything. I enter the code, click redeem and get no feedback at all. Am I missing something?
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