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  1. I get the frustration man, I do. The fact that many of us out there are having no issues eating a few fireballs is us mentioning anything we can to help while not understanding at the same time. Record a video or something and double check you're not eating multiple at the same time or at least it'll give us more to go on. The fact we've all mentioned the armor so many times is because we're all able to eat a few, not just one and done. Knowing my huntress with 75% armor can eat one fireball and still have 50-70kish left out of the 240/250ish is telling me something is wrong. My monk eats multiple as well at 400k and eating just one fireball doesn't take my health down enough to even care about healing or the DEWs either.
  2. I honestly can't believe you're right and I suggest double checking that armor. I have a monk with 400k hp and 75% armor (25/25/24/24) and I can take multiple hits. I've also done it with a huntress with the same 75% armor and only about 250k and I'm still able to take a fireball or two before getting worried. Something here isn't adding up and I'm not trying to be rude, just saying double check your armor stat once inside the match before you start a wave. I've def. taken more than one hit every time so either your armor isn't maxed to get one shotted at 350k hp, or you're getting smoked by multiple fireballs at once somehow. I do highly suggest checking those stats out in the match before a wave rather than in the tavern. I've checked mine in the tavern before and it's showed 75% and in a match before upgrading a new piece, it's under 75%.
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