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  1. Never mind, just tried again and re-read the Sign-In information regarding access to profile and so on. Steam profile must be set to Public apparently and I had changed that recently.
  2. Does anyone else have a problem logging in to DDA Builder through Steam to create builds? The login to Steam works but DDA Builder is giving me a "Error Appeared" message only.
  3. +1 What OP said and thank you CG. For what it‘s worth I would also be completely fine with Hero Levels and EXP only. Gear would be nice but ok if you can‘t migrate it.
  4. I've also put in 170 hours in EA because CG said we can keep our progress on release. Not knowing what was coming I put in even more hours the last 3 days. I understand that there might be technical difficulties and everything with migrating EA profiles to the release version. I work in IT as well and it's a common thing that problems come up where you dont expect them and you need to find solutions / workarounds that are sometimes not pretty. What I don't understand is that they force us to start over completely. CG could have at least keep our EXP even with new profiles. I am certain that t
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