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  1. The oculus comes form moraggo on insane there’s a discord sever on console feel free to join If you have anymore questions or looking for people to play with or trade https://discord.gg/Txbqpn
  2. Hey fellow defenders with seeing both the pc and Xbox getting new players I wanted to make a discord for the console version. Console and pc are two different games start out the same and end differently So any console defenders who still play feel free to join https://discord.gg/Txbqpn
  3. Hey defenders hope everyone is doing well during this weird time. Anyways I’m doing a few giveaways for dda any platform right before the game releases in Q3 will be giving out the codes as soon as we get the information on the dates on Q3 so let’s get into this giveaways Rules So the rules are petty simple all you guys have to do is post a picture of your best item and tell us the story of the item why it’s important to you. Here a example to help you guys out My first giraffe After finally beating mistymire on insane+ took a few months of getting it d
  4. Personally I would go with the squire his tower are good up to insane but not insane+ so early game the squire is op but why have one when you can have all🤔 you can have two pages 2 hero each one or tower and one to Dps on that what I’ll go for and there still a small community playing console with not hacked item or modified gear I’ll put my gt on Dad Ban Mom feel free to add or message to play.
  5. There is only two way you can get an update is having it on a harddrive or flash drive or finding someone how backed it up
  6. No problem if your looking for players to play online message my gt Dad Bans Mom
  7. This happens when an account is sign in without Xbox live the Xbox 360 force you to pay for gold instead of the one hopes this help you bud
  8. Hey everyone I wanted to tell everyone to keep checking your auto loot filter so some reason mine is restarting it self randomly just passing this along until it’s fix
  9. Every time I load up the game it’s go straight to a black screen it’s shows all the the things before the menu but then goes straight to black screen does anyone know how to fix it
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