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  1. This news is bull sh*t news. Not really a update at all on the switch other than another nail in its ⚰️. instead of beating around the bush like you are just come out and say that the switch can’t optimally run our game. You’ve hinted enough.....just release DD1 for switch and quit trying to fit DDA into less capable hardware. I would purchase DD1 for switch. I’ve been dreaming of playing it mobile since I bought a PSVita on lunch day because of the promise of DD on the go. Another failed delivery! on a side note....why isn’t DD1 or second wave still avalible on
  2. I’ve sent 2 and received nothing back but a automatically generated response saying my event was created
  3. Wait.....maybe that’s been it all along.....it’s always been feb 2021!! Damn Chromatic, why didn’t you just say so! Oh yea...wait....you guys never say anything when it comes to updates on the switch. My bad.
  4. but of course.....they give me a contact for a refund and days later no response
  5. Well...no response or update on the switch. Time to start the process. Step 1: Chromatic, I would like to formally request a refund of the money I provided to you for the development of Dungeon Defenders Advanced on the Nintendo switch. You have not fulfilled your advertised promises and refuse to provide timely updates on progress. As a customer I feel I have been misled. Since I know that someone I’m Chromatic’s employ monitors this site at least every 24 hours, I’ll give you 48 hours to provide information on how I will receive my refund. Thank you.
  6. Let’s not distract come the purpose of this thread with debate. Need a switch update please Lets stay on target here
  7. Dani, could you provide us with a switch update plz?
  8. Here it is on full display....that quality, F rated customer service! If you are working as intently on the game as you say you are then it shouldn’t be too hard to provide your fan base with something as simple as a update. Some may say doing so might take you away from your diligent work efforts, hence slowing down progress.....but I’m sure I speak for all of the Switch fans in saying...it’s ok...what’s an additional 15 min delay......any news would be worth it. Hate to rock bottom you like this...but You have paid investors wanting to know the status of your progress.
  9. It’s about time for something....anything. At a minimum you could just tell us that our KS pledges were fun to spend......and politely thank us for the money.
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