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  1. I don't think balance is the issue here. Balancing defenses to be better in comparison to each other isn't really going to fix build diversity in DDA. In fact, it hasn't happened historically even though the specific best builds have changed over the course of this game's lifespan. The thing is, you need various different tools to make a good build in DDA. You need walls, so you pick the best wall defense. You need crowd control to stop sharken from bulldozing your walls, so you pick the best crowd control defense. You need something ranged to hit djinn and goblin copters, so you pick the best ranged defense. And you need AoE to deal with everything else, so you pick the best AoE defense. If you want to experiment, you can pick worse defenses, but you still have to abide by these categories or else one enemy type will just instantly end your build. I'm not sure if these are exactly the categories that defenses fall into but you get the idea: you can choose which defense you use to perform a specific function, but it's always the same functions every single time, so it's always virtually the same build every single time. This is what I mean about how builds have changed historically. Right now, towers are good, because of the buff beam and reflect beam. Before the EV-A, the multipliers applied to DSTs in massacre made them too weak to reliably use. There were a lot more traps and auras being used in builds. But the game still feels the same as it did back then. Because even though they're different defenses, they work exactly the same way. I haven't gotten that far into DD2, but I can see they tried to get around this issue by putting different enemy types in each lane, and having some enemies totally counter some tower types. By the sounds of things in the OP, DD2 failed at that by making a defense that beats every enemy, but I think the idea was good. Right now in DDA every lane of every map is set up so that it's beaten only by these specific categories working in combination. And that's why I can't get excited for more maps coming in future, since I know it'll just be the same solution again. Maybe they should try making maps that are a lot more unique in the challenges they throw at you. Like, I don't know, maybe a map that just swarmed a ton of basic enemies at you with limited DU would make for a change of pace. Maybe some maps should have obscene amounts of spiders and others should have no spiders at all. There are already maps with no fliers, maybe those maps should have no djinn or goblin copters to minimise the importance of ranged towers. That way, at least these categories wouldn't apply completely universally, and different builds would be better in different situations.
  2. I'm sympathetic to you and I hope you get your refund, but just for accuracy's sake: Not sure if you're aware but the game is fully released on PC. If you were just talking about the console versions, then there has been a news update about them. The Xbox One version is now planned for Q1 2021. See DD:A Console & 1.2 Update, DD2 Events, and Franchise Steam Sale - News - Dungeon Defenders
  3. Item reforging is planned to be added in the next patch. In the 1.2 patch notes, it's under the "What's Next?" header.
  4. They've had issues in the past of codes not working properly. You should get in contact with someone from Chromatic. I think the method they usually suggest is to message one of the developers on Discord. You could also try Submit a request – Chromatic Games (zendesk.com) (the Contact page linked at the bottom of this forum), or the email address preorder@chromatic.games, or the email address support@chromatic.games.
  5. The rift and crystalline skins are in the game now, right? They haven't sent you codes for either? Or activated the forum titles even???
  6. Sorry if there's a joke here that's going over my head, but, Nyanacide, the "reset" that the users above are talking about was a gear nerf that already happened months and months ago. This post is from back then, but someone commented on it to bring it back to the front page. It's not referring to something that is going to reset your progress sometime in the future.
  7. I have seen fusion gear drop from wave 5 campaign chests, but the drop chance seems very low.
  8. Looks like there's no bug report option in the pause menu anymore as well. Anyone know if there's a new preferred way to report bugs?
  9. Actually after thinking about it... gas traps could be a decent candidate for your 4th fusion set, right? They aren't as dependent on builder stats as a damage tower would be. So maybe it's realistic to build gas traps on a DPS huntress rather than a builder in order to get the fusion bonus? You do get usage out of the rifted armour bonus if you're wearing fusion armour on a DPS hero, too, so, you'll probably want a set on your DPS hero anyway.
  10. I don't think it's reason to complain. It's a design concept that I haven't tried out yet. I might find it fun or I might not, and I'll see when I get there. I certainly don't picture myself using 25 fusion towers in one build if I ever could. I doubt I'd want to farm 25 fusion gear sets for my 25 builder heroes, that would be crazy. And I doubt I'd fit that many towers into the DU limit. My first impression is that I'd probably get a fusion set together for my DSTs so they can deal with rifted warriors, goblin copters, sharken, and djinn. Then maybe a fusion inferno trap or lightning aura set to deal with less threatening rifted monsters. Then I guess with my 3rd one I'd get a gas trap or something maybe? Or ensnare aura cause it'd have a bigger AoE for the debuff? Or just physical beam if I'm having trouble surviving. But see even with my idea for a 3rd fusion set I'm running out of enthusiasm, it doesn't seem as important to get fusion armour anymore, and that's only 3 towers. This is all moot though. Here are the next two sentences in the same paragraph as the quote you copied: There you are. They're planning to add ways to overcome the hero deck limitation.
  11. What's the problem with fusion bonuses not extending beyond your hero deck? I don't see any issues arising from swapping heroes in and out of your deck. As long as you swap your desired builders into the deck before the wave starts, you should have your desired fusion towers. If executing those swaps is an issue for you, then it's an issue with the <opinion>godforsaken build timer that makes the game worse in every way.</opinion> That statement you criticise IS 100% factual, you CAN use up to four fusion towers with a single hero deck. It's practical to do so in Pure Strategy and might be viable for an AFK build. I don't see why Chromatic should've written "You can technically use up to four towers but you're probably not going to since it's a really good idea to have a DPS hero in your deck" - like, it's not their job to give us strategy advice, they're just saying what the game mechanics do, and they are correct about what the game mechanics do. So why the nitpick? Bulbapedia says Magikarp learns Flail at level 25, but almost everyone will have already evolved Magikarp into Gyarados by then so the information is irrelevant. But it's not a lie, is it? I share your concerns about fusion pieces from areas with lower gear multipliers. But, neither you nor I have hunted for those pieces yet. Part of the point of Rift Mode is that it increases the quality floor for gear. Perhaps Chromatic has put an exception in that makes all fusion pieces drop with equal quality, regardless of where they're from. I encourage you to come back and complain when you know for sure they haven't done that, for now I don't see the point in posting about it. You're criticisng what you image the game mechanics might be, before you get there.
  12. I was one of those people in early access going around to help clarify that "it's not just a DD1 remake, there's new content!" and I don't really feel that way anymore. There is new content, grains of it mixed in here and there, but you really are just getting a prettier DD1 experience. I like DD1, so I like DDA. But I'm not so nostalgic for long-lost DD1 that I want to play a remake, because DD1 is not an ancient, dead classic, it's a modern game that holds up very well. It got its last major content update a year ago. The DD1 community has been active before, during and beyond the launch of DDA. You can't revive something that's not dead. I think the gameplay of DDA could have just been DD1 updates. But it's a standalone game instead. So we get all the disappointment of not seeing a fully new Dungeon Defenders game, with none of the years' worth of updates that make DD1 so content-rich. It's the worst of both worlds. With updates like EV:A I get the impression that Chromatic is trying to reinvent DD1 like the proverbial wheel, and I worry that it's a waste of time and money. I'm not excited for what comes next, because I don't know how much of it is actually going to feel new. And even if I wanted to be excited, I'm not sure I could to bring myself to be, because I feel like I've been waiting for so long for this game to justify its reason to exist as a standalone game separate to DD1. I really wish it could have done that when it launched. Like really. Can you not give us One (1) new tower in your tower defense game sequel.
  13. It looks like Kickstarter themselves don't have a refund policy, so you will have to contact Chromatic. I recommend you use the support page as your first point of contact: https://chromatic.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
  14. Oh wow, you're right! I don't think I've noticed that gif before. I did hear there might have been some datamining relating to that map...
  15. My feelings exactly. DDA will never have more content than DD1 (well, maybe if it gets its own CDT years and years down the line). So instead it needs to have different content. That way, when you're deciding between DDA and DD1, you're choosing based on how good the content is (or, less objectively, choosing based on how much fun each game's unique content seems to you in that moment). If it's the same content, then why wouldn't anyone default to the one that has more of it?
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