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  1. ah ye, its just the search function in my browser acting strange:) i see it now, cheers
  2. I used to check this in steam stats, but dungeon defenders isnt there for some reason. Any other way to check how many people are playing DD at any given moment of time? Im taling about http://store.steampowered.com/stats/ Not sure why DD isnt in that list any more.
  3. Please do patches more often and add some new content every now and then:( This game is too good and unique to just throw it away.
  4. Im using nod32. Could this be the reason? Should i switch to kaspersky or smth?
  5. Same here, this kinda sucks heavily.
  6. Ye, good point of view if you want even less people to play this game. And with many new big MMOs coming - they should really reconsider their banning policy.
  7. Those real life paralels fail. Most of the people have no idea the gear they pay for is hacked(unless its crudely done) and by banning such people trendy is doing a big mistake. It isnt wow with its millions of subscribers, they cant afford to loose those honest(those who obtained the hacked items in-game(bought, traded etc.), not those who hacked the items themselves) players.
  8. By the way myth items can also go above 254 now? Or only trans gear?
  9. Wow. Could you please make a scnreenshot of it?
  10. Will try your second tip, thank you Nope, didnt work
  11. Dont have one, really. Any other tips?
  12. Hello. I've got an item stuck inside of the maneken in the tavern which i cant pick up. Any tips?
  13. still looking for items for my aura monk
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