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  1. And the office was temporarily converted into a small pool. Let's not forget that.
  2. Chromatic burned my #$*&#%*^($&^#($^#^$& toast! Thanks Chromatic! I was supposed to get new bread back in beta. Are they even doing anything? They gave me an orange juice, but they still owe me TOAST!
  3. It sucks to try and load a game, have it be somewhere that doesn't allow spawning, and just force you to either wait for 5-15 minutes, or shutdown the entire game just so you can try again to join any game.
  4. I just listened to two waves come and go while stuck at a loading screen. I'm guessing that any limited life challenge just isn't joinable after start.
  5. As soon as Summit wave ended, I got kicked and couldn't loot. Host was freaking out at me for taking out copters instead of only attacking the dragon when I was the only huntress in an aura/trap build, then lost his shit when I showed him what would happened, and a crystal broke.
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