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  1. Ogres are still getting stuck in spawns and not being autokilled... How has this not been fixed yet :/
  2. you can open your inventory then goto Collections>Challenges>Spooky 2015 to see your progress.
  3. Is the loot bugged for anyone else on the new maps? All im getting from non boss mobs are white/green drops.
  4. Title^ just did an easy and nm3 run on both of the new maps and only got white/greens from the normal mobs. only the bosses are dropping anything higher for me.
  5. Yup, just lost 3 of my dailies when returning to tavern.
  6. I managed to find a temp fix for it, if you go into DunDef2/UDKGame/Movies/ and delete all the .BIK files except for LoadingMovie, Logo, and Victory, then the cutscenes with the bugged out volume will no longer play.
  7. After the recent update my cutscene volume is deafeningly loud and isnt affected by my in-game volume options. Is there any way to disable cutscenes or reduce their volume in the .ini files as a band-aid until this is fixed or is muting the game my only option atm?
  8. I'm looking for a quick deal if the price is ok, . If not I will just go hunt for others. Thanks Looking for a bit higher, ill most likely keep all offers going on them until tomorrow atleast.
  9. Interestes in lightsaber, how much u want for it? Reply ASAP please since I gotta go in 20 mins. Offer
  10. mail helmet, wanna trade 150+ wep for it? we can chat on steam id: doublex94 Not really interested in any sub 200^ weapons, sorry.
  11. Interested in Mana and 60+ boost monk guardian, Will consider other item trades of 200^ weapons or 110^ good armors although. STEAM ID: >Reaction< == ARMORS == 75^ DPS Leather Chest http://i.imgur.com/CGyJI.png 135^ TOWER Mail Gloves http://i.imgur.com/unyIk.png 113^ HYBRID Mail Helmet http://i.imgur.com/IOB5z.png C/O 500m 127^ HYBRID Plate Helmet http://i.imgur.com/j7Nyi.png C/O 500m 94^ TOWER Pristine Boots http://i.imgur.com/BMHRX.png ==WEAPONS== 194^ Blue Lightsaber C/O 300m post your offers+SteamID here first.
  12. I'll offer 300m for the 112^ Leather Gloves Steamid: >Reaction
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