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  1. Farm for better gear, change up your build. Make sure the team members are supporting you with a dps weapon and not just sitting around doing nothing with a gemstone.
  2. I heard on discord that the person who runs support is away on holiday.
  3. After the latest update 1.3 the game has had a significant reduction in ememy spawns which I feel has drastically reduced the overall difficulty and enjoyment the game can offer, it's super easy now, even for lower stat players, clearing content is a breeze. New players are clearing all of the content within a week of release. Is this good for the game? It's definitely not. The DST meta is even stronger now with the enemy reduction, allowing players to just stack 12-14 DST's with an ensnare and steamroll content. Every map, ever game you join is the same build and it sucks. There's no variation on builds, no skill and no adrenaline fuellled energy involved at all when playing online with others. I used to play multi online sweating from my eyeballs and my heart racing, clinging onto life for that team win, everyone busting ass to claim the prize. That feeling of achieving a hard earned win is what gamers want right? Now it's just meh, super boring. Everyone can sleep 5minute between each round then 'g' up and it's a win. New players are losing out on enjoying all that DDA has to offer, learning all the mechanics of the game and different hero's set ups because all they know how to do is ask what gemstone you need and just sit there doing nothing with 10k HP in an end game map. It's sad. Most players would rather be carried thoughout all the content rather than even experience the epic battles and struggles you can encounter levelling up from 0-100. I'm not here to tell people how they should be playing but I think the difficulty is a major issue that needs to be addressed. Or at the very least, can we hope the DLC will offer increased difficulty overhaul to all the maps? If all the new content is steam rolled the same way, it won't be long before people move on.
  4. Fusion flameburst towers or lightning towers work very nicely against skeletons.
  5. Consoles are not gonna green light the game until it's fixed. Far too many bugs for Playstation, Xbox or Nintendo to allow this on their platforms.
  6. PNM86


    They just keep making it up as they go along. The crystalline skins are already in game, I reached out to chromatic support and they said that they are coming soon. They must be having some serious issues with these backer preorder codes, it's an absolute shambles.
  7. Also have this same issue. Where abouts are you from just out of interest. Seems strange that there's a group of us. I hope someone is looking into this?
  8. I'm having the same issue since the patch. I can invite people to my tavern then start a public game and the other spots will fill up straight away. It's when I host a public game starting solo nobody will join. It's an awful experience. My internet is considered good so I don't think this is the issue. Where abouts are you guys based?
  9. Since the latest patch when I host a game nobody is joining me. I can join others and I can invite friend and then host a game which will then allow other random people to join that game. It's just when I host alone nobody will join. It's super annoying. I'm not marked as a hacker and my internet is super fast. I've reset my router and checked my firewall but everything is how it's always been, the recommended settings. I've search Google and this issue has happened before with a dungeon defenders patch and there are no answers regarding what it could be. I have 900 hours clocked and like I said never had an issue before. Any ideas what it could be ? If I invite a friend to my tavern and start a public game, the game fills up straight away so obviously it's something to do with my computer when I am hosting alone. My game is always updated to the most recent patch. Really would appreciate any advice? Thanks
  10. 1.5-2 hour survival runs for crap loot sucks, loot that's worse than NM or even Insane gear is demoralising. Even if you hit high waves and find a godly piece it's usually still worthless. This was even discussed in the play test forums but it hasn't been taken onboard. Experience sucks now too. Nerf this nerf that is never going to be an enjoyable experience I think I will take a break until the game is in a better state. Like you said, we've all been super excited for this update, I even joined the testing, and that was fun, really fun, but now somehow they have completly taken away any sort or incentive to keep grinding. Also no mention of the prestigious edition pre-order rewards, the skins are in the game and I have to email them and ask if they can send me them - forum titles and phoenix pet still missing, these will probably be dribbled out in the next update. 100 percent won't be preordering anything again with these guys, there's not enough guaretee that you'll get them. Morale is very low for this game now.
  11. PNM86

    I miss

    A large social hang out would increase popularity massively. There should be vendors that change their inventory every week or every couple of days, maybe bounties in exchange for gold would be fun. Also, I'd like to be able to inspect other players gear in these areas. Even adding the chat function as it is now, without the bugs so at least 10-20 people can discuss or arrange to do maps together. It's awesome to be a badass player or see a badass and think "man, I want to be that guy" or "I must get that gear" Or, just a place to hang out. Like someone said earlier. It's super lonely, There's a fire burning in the tavern but it feels super cold. I think being able to drop weapons in the tavern is a must too, or, if they can't allow that due to the duping then maybe a sort of display area for your most prized possessions or high end gear that you wish to sell would be nice touch.
  12. I think Philip was the first to leak 🤣
  13. You're in for lots of amazing surprises
  14. Best post i've seen on here for a long time. I agree with everything you say. Hopefully it's taken onboard or even acknowledged.
  15. We can eliminate two of those possibilities straight off the bat by reading the thread, so, we're left with number 3. Lol. Let's move on. I'm sure we'll get out codes for the various editions with the end of July update. If not I sincerely hope we are given a proper update/explanation on what has gone wrong with this.
  16. You're getting confused with Kickstarter backer rewards and pre-ordered editions of the game. People that pre-ordered those editions haven't got access to any of the rewards promised. Rift skins was one of those rewards on the prestigious edition, which is in the game but not accessible to those players who pre- ordered those editions. If I go out for breakfast In a restaurant with my girlfriend, she orders bacon and eggs and I take the farmers breakfast, then we are both served a basic bacon and eggs, I'd be disappointed, and should be able to vent my frustration, not called a liar.
  17. Definition of arcanist. : a person having knowledge of a secret process of manufacture. Maybe could be something to do with the blacksmith, a way to tinker armor into higher stats somehow. Also looking up the word gives alot of references to a summoner character.
  18. There's going to be level 100 gear? From mass survival?
  19. You're not meant to be able to start on wave 14. But you can type in 14 on the keyboard and hit start which will then allow you to start at 14. It's a known bug that has been reported and hasn't been fixed so work away.
  20. Yeah man, I would feel the same. Actually heart breaking. Hopefully they can do something for you.
  21. Probably staying silent whilst they look for a fix or they don't want to address that it might be gone for good. What have you lost? Multiple decks of 100's?
  22. Yes which makes it even worse. Rift skins are for Kickstarter backers and everyone who pre-ordered the highest tier of the game - prestigious edition.
  23. Still waiting on prestigious edition rewards? They haven't addressed it properly, they just said we're working on it, no time frame, no nothing! I'm actually peed off that this hasn't been dealt with. I bought 3 copies of the game and if you pay extra you should receive all what was promised at the time of full release or don't offer extra packages to exploit our money out of us. Prestigious rewards are - Rift Skins, Crystalline skins, forum titles and some pet. What's going on? They messed up with the legacy/play launch and now EA players have been given their shadow skins as promised. Why can't prestigious rewards be addressed properly, when are they coming? What's the problem?
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