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  1. I think Philip was the first to leak 🤣
  2. You're in for lots of amazing surprises
  3. Best post i've seen on here for a long time. I agree with everything you say. Hopefully it's taken onboard or even acknowledged.
  4. 284 armor and 306 weapons
  5. We can eliminate two of those possibilities straight off the bat by reading the thread, so, we're left with number 3. Lol. Let's move on. I'm sure we'll get out codes for the various editions with the end of July update. If not I sincerely hope we are given a proper update/explanation on what has gone wrong with this.
  6. You're getting confused with Kickstarter backer rewards and pre-ordered editions of the game. People that pre-ordered those editions haven't got access to any of the rewards promised. Rift skins was one of those rewards on the prestigious edition, which is in the game but not accessible to those players who pre- ordered those editions. If I go out for breakfast In a restaurant with my girlfriend, she orders bacon and eggs and I take the farmers breakfast, then we are both served a basic bacon and eggs, I'd be disappointed, and should be able to vent my frustration, not called a liar.
  7. Definition of arcanist. : a person having knowledge of a secret process of manufacture. Maybe could be something to do with the blacksmith, a way to tinker armor into higher stats somehow. Also looking up the word gives alot of references to a summoner character.
  8. There's going to be level 100 gear? From mass survival?
  9. You're not meant to be able to start on wave 14. But you can type in 14 on the keyboard and hit start which will then allow you to start at 14. It's a known bug that has been reported and hasn't been fixed so work away.
  10. Yeah man, I would feel the same. Actually heart breaking. Hopefully they can do something for you.
  11. Probably staying silent whilst they look for a fix or they don't want to address that it might be gone for good. What have you lost? Multiple decks of 100's?
  12. Yes which makes it even worse. Rift skins are for Kickstarter backers and everyone who pre-ordered the highest tier of the game - prestigious edition.
  13. Still waiting on prestigious edition rewards? They haven't addressed it properly, they just said we're working on it, no time frame, no nothing! I'm actually peed off that this hasn't been dealt with. I bought 3 copies of the game and if you pay extra you should receive all what was promised at the time of full release or don't offer extra packages to exploit our money out of us. Prestigious rewards are - Rift Skins, Crystalline skins, forum titles and some pet. What's going on? They messed up with the legacy/play launch and now EA players have been given their shadow skins as promised. Why can't prestigious rewards be addressed properly, when are they coming? What's the problem?
  14. I think it's called something different, the Disintegrator maybe, looks identical. Another sloppy re-skin. If you want the Soul Focuser - it only drops on insane alchemical labs now.
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