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  1. A better version of a portal gun would be cool! I wonder if how many others are like me and called their series EV "GLaDOS" .... Haha! Me! But I figured someone else would too...
  2. They stay up -- but they do still consume Portal Gun energy, so you can't keep them up indefinitely (of course, with a sufficiently Upgraded Portal Gun, you could keep them up for quite some time). If people like, we can release Portal Guns with more upgrades soon :) -Jer YESSSSS! Please do! As a reward for something, or for certain maps. I would love to have a portal gun that is actually nice stat wise as well. Just as a thought though. Might want to limit the ammo cap on that. Although an infinite portal sounds nice. :D
  3. Any item with 150^ maybe only 100. If you get a bigstick that can sell for 6m mana. You'll only need 85-90 upgrades done. Preferably upgrade base damage I've used big sticks, even some trans ones before the patch and they usually take about 112 ups or so. Most everything else ive farmed needs 130-150 Urza has a great token guide though.
  4. OK! was just watching the trailer again! and look at ~45 seconds there is a goblin chopper dropping off an OGRE! WHAAAAAT?!
  5. *drooool* this trailer did it for me too! finally a way to have the fun and usefulness of the portal gun and also to be able to use a dps weapon... YAY! ok, that's not the only reason, but in the video it looked awesome in implementation. Sky o love? maybe i should show you my new robotic friend...
  6. This was def the worst challenge ever! (out of the original ones) The above strategy does work. I've done it both with solo and also duo helping a friend get a cube. Any more might be a bother with a bunch of wizards. An annoying thing that happens to me I'd when I follow the order is that some of the wizards spawn camp and don't lose their invulnerability. Anyone else get this?
  7. I normally do survival solo with controllers, but what do you guys do when items start disappearing? I wouldn't mind if ppl grab stuff during the early phase, but once you get down to 800 or so left, leave em be. A lot will disappear anyway. I don't think the problem is as much missing mana from the disappearing items, but that too often a green "upgrade" will disappear while the torn helm of suckiness right next to it stays the whole time... That's what I see too often.
  8. Magus, hall of court survival and throne room survival reward pet have both given me trans pets
  9. I get spawn stuck mobs... Or djinn that don't come out til you kill everything and sometimes it takes a good 30 seconds... Which you need to win.
  10. It looks like someone is 1 DU short of a full round...
  11. Sweet. Thx for this! Think I'll try this one later!
  12. uhh, i'm pretty sure if the taverns locked, and someone drops something, only the person who dropped can pick it up. EX. I'm in your tavern that is locked, I drop item, you cannot pick it up, only I can even though I'm in your tavern. Someone can correct me if I'm wrong but that's what I remember. That is correct! It seems like someone gave you a gift. Either that or they dropped it and forgot which game it was...
  13. Farva, I understand the difficulties and the need to throw in some DD before work. I do mine late at night because that's when the kids are asleep. Not at my comp right now, but I found a sweet trans laser robot at throne survival. It only has ~190 ups, but at least 200 to each tower stat. Right now he's being my builders guardian. :) but right now ~160 ups and it's 30 mil an up. :/ but still soooo worth it
  14. When unicorns came out, I think people used them for the novelty, but they are not so great. Would love some nightmare quality pony... And I guess I'm lucky I kept an extra trans ret... But still :/
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