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  1. Preorder rewards are not out just yet! Only Kickstarter rewards have been given out at this time. As stated in our open letter, we will also be working on a skin to send out to all Kickstarter, preorder and Early Access purchasers.
  2. We're not planning on doing an ingame voice chat at this time, but maybe something we can look into for the future. There are still chat bugs being worked on.
  3. DEFENDERS, With the launch yesterday, we haven’t had any crazy big issues, which is amazing. That said, we do have some bugs to get fixed, so let’s get into it! Bug Fixes Fixed an issue with the Huntress causing a crash. Fixed an issue where player dropped items were not showing correctly for clients. Fixed an issue that was falsely triggering hacker flags on players. Fixed an issue where Pure Strategy could not use start from wave. Fixed an issue with the Hero Stat panel’s responsiveness. Fixed an issue with the Bug Report’s responsiveness.
  4. We don't have specific release dates for the other consoles yet. We did have to push Switch back to Q3 and it is a timed console exclusive so Xbox/PS will be shortly after Switch release.
  5. Restart the game and you should see them. The redeem button feedback isn't working.
  6. There seems to be an issue where it's triggering so it's being looked into right now! We can look at profiles and see that people are not actually hackers though so not worries if you're not hacking. Send me a PM with your Steam name if you are marked! PM here or on Discord!
  7. DEFENDERS Finally, Dungeon Defenders: Awakened 1.0 released on Steam today. It’s been a long and crazy journey that has ultimately led us here. Development on this project has had its ups and downs, but together we made it here, our studio and you, our GLORIOUS community. There’s a lot to cover, we’ll save the sappy stuff for later, let’s get into it! What’s Inside? There’s a lot to cover the epicness that is Dungeon Defenders: Awakened, with where and what to cover being quite difficult decisions. We’ll go through everything top to bottom, and if something is left out, then you’
  8. Hi there! We have not forgotten about DD2! We are just a small team and focusing right now on launching our flagship game for us as a new company.
  9. DEFENDERS, Yesterday the Activating the Goblin Mech Update was released and it’s been a blast watching many of you take on the Technological Terror himself! We received a lot of great feedback and reports after the launch, and in our ongoing mission to make DD:A the best it can be, we’ve got a patch that went out this morning. Let’s get into some dang notes! Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where map unlocks were not happening properly. Fixed an issue where Deeper Well couldn’t unlock on Nightmare difficulty. Fixed an issue where the Session Browser wasn’t showing ga
  10. DEFENDERS Today the “Activating the Goblin Mech Update” went live for Steam Early Access! Alongside it is our release announcement trailer, which if you haven’t seen it yet, click here to check it out! Dungeon Defenders: Awakened releases May 28th on Steam, and noted later in this post are details for the other platforms. With the update coming next month, this is the final major update to Early Access, with the Steam launch having all of our 1.0 content. In this update you’ll be fighting the magically powered Goblin Mech, gain access to the Endless Spires map, and get the first look
  11. DEFENDERS, Today we posted our release announcement trailer for Dungeon Defenders: Awakened. If you haven’t seen it yet, click here to check it out! To celebrate the release of this trailer, and to check in with all of you, we’re going to give a preview for our next update as well as talk about new release information and where we are as a studio. Let’s get into it! Activating the Goblin Mech Update This update is coming so close, you can smell the exhaust coming from the Goblin Mech’s mechanical monstrosity. This is the update preview, there’s going to be more information provid
  12. DEFENDERS, Fresh out of the developer oven, and out to you now are some quick hot fixes we’ve recently pushed out. Let’s get into it! Bug Fixes Fixed a crash that resulted from an improper profile state. Fixed an issue for hosts where having the tactical map open when the end game summary screen appears would prevent interacting with buttons to move on. Fixed an issue where kobolds were gaining a speed buff when inside an ensnare aura after lighting their fuses. Fixed an issue where untargetable enemies were spawning and strolling right up to the core. F
  13. DEFENDERS, We’re a few weeks out from Steam Early Access and it’s been amazing so far! There’s a lot more that we’ve got coming up very soon — New Maps, New Pets, THE DEMON LORD, Nightmare Difficulty, Hardcore Mode, and more! We’ve been consistently patching in fixes and improvements, but this March update is going to be the first big milestone in our road map that we’re excited to get to all of you, our GLORIOUS Defenders. To keep with our transparency and consistent communication, before that comes out, we wanted to use this time to give another look into our studio, showcasing som
  14. DEFENDERS, We’re all so excited for the Steam Early Access release of Dungeon Defenders: Awakened on Feb 21st! We wanted to share some of the awesome work the team’s been working so hard on to get ready for the Early Access at the end of this week. This Dev Log will have some sneak peaks from different departments here at Chromatic: Art, Design, and Engineering! Also, if you haven’t and wanted any of the goodies that come with the preorder editions of DD:A, make sure to get them ASAP since they’ll be gone at 11:59PM EST 2/20! Some of The Team Mary — Community Manager Hi the
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