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  1. We do not currently have any plans to release on mobile.
  2. Thank you for the feedback! Controller support will be available in Early Access and auto fire will as well!
  3. We're working on counter measures to make the experience the best we can. As dizzydiana said above, we will not be removing that feature as that does defeat the purpose of playing on the go with the Switch and also would be an issue with cross saves.
  4. Appreciate all the feedback! We're gonna keep an eye on this topic when Early Access is out to see how more people feel regarding the wave chests.
  5. Are you thinking of the Kickstarter only store on backer kit? There you could add on copies to the game, but there is no ingame Kickstarter only shop.
  6. If you backed for the PC release then yes, you will receive a key for Early Access.
  7. You can get Early Access on Steam when it launches, but you do also get it if you preordered or backed the PC version.
  8. The decision currently is to not wipe progress.
  9. There are currently no plans to wipe progress made during the Early Access
  10. This was just an oversight within the beta and it will be available
  11. Nope, you only will receive what is stated in the specific Kickstarter tier that you pledged for.
  12. It is a progression bar! Not the final build and things will be getting changed. We appreciate the feedback though. Love feedback and want it all!
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