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  1. To all the people sad about the Reflect Beam nerf saying that theres no way to "play" or replace it, i'd like to ask you:
    "Have you even bothered to play with other defenses and more than 2 defenses? have you played multiplayer?"
    Juicebags himself makes a lot of builds, even at high floors. Also, theres a difference between something working and an overkill. Theres been buffs as well, but youre so isolated in your bubble that i think you did not realise it.

    I like the changes and i *Absolutely* expect more changes to come, theres plenty of stuff that have not been touched and both balancing and changes require time to be tested, i imagine these are not permanent changes or the only changes. Im happy that someone is working on the game to begin with, DD2 has been in maintenance mode for a loooong time.


  2. 20 hours ago, Ogger said:

    Nerfs, nerfs, nerfs. 

    I am not against meta change (even in a grind intensive game like dd2) but I literally don't know how to play high floors anymore with one fifth of the damage I had before and no options that could realistically replace the reflect beam. 

    Its time to make new builds or dust off old ones. I totally understand what you mean but you can take this chance to become independent from a single defense. And if youre a veteran at very high floors, i mean, whats the point? you've already beaten the game long ago, at least now you can play the game in different ways.

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