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  1. You reminded me of BDO Awakened weapons hehe. I like the ideas, i really hope they're not just trying to milk us before killing the game, im ok with more cosmetics in the game, but give me a reason to play, make me enjoy the game. Theres so many maps from DD1, aquanos, kings game, karatiti jungle, etc, etc. or new maps, idk why they arent at least adding maps to DD2 like crazy, and im talking about chromatic not the DD2 current dev team.
  2. We've been using the same materials for gears, each material tier has the power to upgrade up to 3 chaos levels: -Plain c1-3. -Shiny c4-6. -Pristine c7-9. -????? c10-???. By logic Chaos X should bring new materials (please!) to the game, and we need new materials in order to revitalize the market. Ive heard nothing about it yet thats why i have doubts. Also, are there any plans to add more crafting/modification options to the game? so players may craft/configure their perfect gear and maybe open new ways to play the game. I cant remember when was the last time crafting chang
  3. What happened to the old bank material tab? Now i have to scroll down/up every time i wanna check materials, the old one was really good i cant understand why the change.
  4. Hi, since the last update on quests, im no longer getting the weekly quest reset. My weekly quest haven changed for all these weeks, and im not saying its rerolling to the same objective, im saying i have the same quest, its not reseting.
  5. Barnowear

    DD2 Winter Wonderland Event

    Hi, theres no confirmation popup before buying the X-mas Tree pet eggs, i bought 2 by mistake, already sent a ticket for refund. IDK if you forgot or its intentional but it would be nice to have a confirmation before expending gems please, after all there's gold/medal items that do have said confirmation before you buy them, even when you sell some of your inventory items. Thanks for the update and emporium sale! P.S: I hope it was only the eggs that cost gems, cos i claimed everything else and didnt realise i was wasting gems until i saw the eggs not dissapearing from the tree inventor
  6. Yes! Yeeees! Thanks Chromeheads!
  7. Is there going to be a DD2 Halloween event aswell?
  8. Yeah there they are, thank yoooo.
  9. Well, 2 things: First, Im pretty sure you can earn them hypershards twice, one set by completing incursions and another one by mastery score. Second, the main reason for hypershards not being regular drops is to balance power, i mean, why would you need more than 2 defenses with Mass destruction? you can do it with just 1 mass destruction, or none. I cant imagine a player with mass destruction, deadly strikes, on everything, and if that was the case, CG would have to rebalance the game, which in the end will be the same as not giving us that hypershard power. Theres only one change
  10. Hi, when will we get the rewards for filling the PTR survey? I got nothing.
  11. Theres no Chaos experience, thats your champion score, you have to either upgrade one of your hero's armors and weapon/s until you reach the champion score 3800 or try to find said loot pieces with that score already. IDK if chaos 5 adventures drop the necesary gear to unlock chaos 6, but i know that doing onslaught floors will eventually give you the required gear, however it will take more time than just upgrading gear. Ctrl+left click on your gear to upgrade, select upgrade tab on the top, dont evolve gear unless its necessary, you'll most likely replace all your items in no time. Hav
  12. If anyone can link this on DD2 discord bug channel i'd appreciate it, i dont use discord/twitter, and i shouldnt have to when we have an Official forum, i hope Chomatic reads my report.
  13. Hi i want to report an Abyss Lord bug, his autoattack (left click) only trigger "on attack" mods once, holding the button wont trigger these kind of mods anymore. Ive tested it with Bouncing Phoenix, and also Blinding Sand mods (not together). The Bouncing Phoenix mod effect on Abyss lord is also bugged because the phoenix either chase the Abyss lord or fly away instead of atacking enemies AND it literally passes through enemies without doing any damage or hit animation (tested in dummies). When i use this same mod on squire, the phoenix works correctly. Also, when i trigger the phoenix mo
  14. I guess thats the idea, but is it confirmed to be that way?
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