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  1. I guess thats the idea, but is it confirmed to be that way?
  2. Does this new debuff affects *any burning enemy*? or *just enemies who have been specifically oiled first and then lit?*
  3. Is the ingame TavernKepper report system under chromatic control or should i report bugs somewhere else?
  4. To all the people sad about the Reflect Beam nerf saying that theres no way to "play" or replace it, i'd like to ask you: "Have you even bothered to play with other defenses and more than 2 defenses? have you played multiplayer?" Juicebags himself makes a lot of builds, even at high floors. Also, theres a difference between something working and an overkill. Theres been buffs as well, but youre so isolated in your bubble that i think you did not realise it. I like the changes and i *Absolutely* expect more changes to come, theres plenty of stuff that have not been touched and both balan
  5. Its time to make new builds or dust off old ones. I totally understand what you mean but you can take this chance to become independent from a single defense. And if youre a veteran at very high floors, i mean, whats the point? you've already beaten the game long ago, at least now you can play the game in different ways.
  6. steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198034315988/
  7. Hi, my fondest memory in DD was at 16 y.o when i used to stay awake all night with the lights off farming Kings Game, and then going to sleep with my store open when my father woke up for work and told me from the stairs "I know youre awake!". Good ol days when we didnt care at all about the planet and sht...Childhood is a treasure. HNY everyone.
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