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  1. Hey, since pets are a thing that seems to be in every update, including emporium updates, i think it'd be awesome if we get some kind of unlimited pet storage tab. NOT necessarily a wardrobe like DDA, because that would kill the pet market and uniqueness of each pet, which is what i see in DDA, but some kind of storage similar to the material tab from the bank, maybe organized like a tree with different branches for each pet group and only 1 pet allowed per slot, so people dont just fill it up with 999999 pets. For example dragon branch would have a slot for Betsy and her variants, and you
  2. Just now? werent ppl stuckl at 900+ onsluaght before?
  3. Hi, I was testing the Chi Spirit Tower in Chaos 10 and i was having a lot of trouble killing enemies, at first something was wrong because i thought enemies were being hit (visually) but not getting damage. Then i upgraded my relic to Chaos 10 to increase damage to try again and this confirmed my suspicion, it is not doing damage, idk why or when, but you can watch this short video to confirm. Its not just this miniboss tho, enemies get hit but receive no damage at all many times, like 6 towers buffed by both buff defenses and 1 pylon and struggling to clear 1 lane despite the fact that C.S.
  4. Ive completed the incursion twice and the quest is still not completed. The correct name of this incursion is Kobold Bling King, not little Horn Valley. And ive done it many times in the past years.
  5. Im diggin that huntress look, hope shes as buffed when it releases XD.
  6. Ive been trading a lot these weeks, and i know the usual suspects by now, players that spend a lot of time AFK in town etc, etc. Well, i was about to buy around 40million gold, maybe more, of product from one player who i know struggles to sell his stuff but when i tried to contact him, he basically disconnected from town without a word: I dont mind because it was an investment, but it was really funny to see that reaction. It seems like people in this game cant even be bothered to sell the stuff they wanna sell, lol. This game has a terrible, awful, awful trading system,
  7. Theres no reason to avoid any defense, each one has its strengths and weaknesses, although some have many, many weaknesses...Snaking sands im looking at you ¬¬. The Engineer is pretty stronk right now, and I can personally recommend the Teslas. Wellback.
  8. Hi, ive just upgraded a chaos X relic to 10/10 and the result was just a little more than a 300 Defense power increase which is so low compared to the previous upgrades...is this normal or is it a bug? What about you guys?
  9. Im not 100% certain but im pretty sure Phil or someone else said they were thinking about it in one Twitch Stream. IDK if its on the works tho.
  10. I assume theyre not giving a date because that wouldnt make any of the parties happy, you cant just make up a date without knowing whats the problem, if its fixable and if you have the manp0WAH to make it in time. Youre right on the fact that it affects their reputation, however DD2 is not their main game at this moment, literally, so although its annoying, its understandable; i mean, its not like it doesnt work...theyre blocking one exploit, and hey, if thats the goal im not complaining, as long as they dont take months and then give us a no tax period to compensate.
  11. Once again i cant ready up in a map, this time in Return of Maldonis incursion Chaos X wave 5 -_-" Last i remember was the last enemy, an orc chieftain, stuck inside the spawn door and i cant recall if i died before he got killed by the game or not (i think not). Im pretty sure i was grabbing mana from the floor with my EV2, upgraded my towers then i realised i couldnt start the map at all : / Please Fixx <3 Or gives command to force start a wave Plxxx!
  12. Here's an example of what im talking about, and im not complaining about prices, just showing my point (and i reserve my opinion on the price of skins ¬¬). Theres one great thing about this skins tho, and it is the use of different models for the same character, i would love to see more of that in the future, instead of just changing clothes, change the whole model, posture, GENDER, hair, etc, etc. I love when creativity flows and not just reskins, we have had enough of that all these years, i think its a great opportunity to bring new options to the table.
  13. No offense to the artist, idk if he's inhouse or a hired pen but this, this thing down here...i dont wanna call it false advertisement but guys, please, wheres the quality control? I have no idea why it was released like this but aside from maybe the huntress and the adept, i'm being generous here, these skins dont even look similar to their concept art. Please do understand im not trying to be an Ahole but you have to understand these skins cost more than 10$ each and aside from the hair color options, it dont look good, not talking abotu style here but quality of the skins. I mean, if yo
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