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  1. My English is not the best and i have wrote the word "efficient" wrongly, that's true. Didn't you say anything? You just supported all the things said from your friend, I don't have the entire conversation because as one of you said "ironically" I'm fragile (did you remember that?) and that's, i was shocked while catching the various insults. That's why Forums have netiquette and Games have chat rules, to prevent toxic/abusive people to ruin the game of others. (and usually a way to report ingame) You could simply prevent your friend from continuing, but instead you continued "
  2. That's wrong, already had an account from 2019, as you can clearly see. My defenses took care of the mobs. And yeah, thx for killing the rollers while i had to report both of you for calling me dog, b**ch, animal and calling in cause my mother, for what? A kick vote. Even when i searched a new game, you both joined and started again. (last two screenshots)
  3. It seem no one is scared about toxic talk at all in this game, so i will post some screenshots. I'm trying to understand a fast/suitable way to report them. Context: I just want to kick the Bard because he was afking, after that he started talking like that.
  4. I just bought the Dungeon Defenders II - Treat Yo' Self Pack But when i launch the game i don't have nothing provided with the dlc. :/ Has this happened to you too?
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