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    So my question is how can or is this game going to be different or bettered? now to explain that question in understandable terms, I started playing dungeon defenders 2 recently and all ready I been mislead and cheated out of money by this company, how you might ask? Here is how the game is advertised as a leader board game, good start got my interest, I start playing now I collect items and gear and so on go thru the rolls and I’m wondering why I can’t get the same defence builds as a lot of players I see in game I ask questions to find out that they’re primary piece in they’re defence b
  2. Hi there my first reply to anything on this forum but have something to say. in all I have to agree with juice on this topic but not 100% in agreement. my thoughts are drop rate is drastically low and in a good way creates competition for selling and trading. The bad part on it all is resolving mods, I like my grind games and work to build games however where interest starts to go is when I have to play in one instance several hundred times to get reroll tokens to get my mod to perfect now there are 3 mods in each piece and average pieces per character is 9. So 9x3 in my
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