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  1. This both in my opinion doens't say the current system is good. the beta is now out for about 1.5 weeks the fact that in that time you already leveled up to 71 says quite a bit with the limited amount of content available. also it's not 1 hero that is level 71 it's a total of 4 heroes because of the hero deck funtcionality. Imho the speed we reached insane and the higher levels of insane survival was far to quick.(this also because of the gear not having any level requirments at al) Also what you might be forgetting is that with 2 more difficulities coming that the xp gain will be much higher than that and i'm not even mentioning the more xp rewarding levels later down the road. (also this is based on my thought that 100 is the cap same as in DD1) In my opinion the game should be segmented in 4 different parts of the game. Early game: get to know the game learn the maps/characters. Almost no challenge to exist since this should be easy and accesible to all players(easy and medium difficulity) Mid game: Should still be easy on the experienced defenders. There might be a map that you need to complete twice/trice for some extra gear but should not really be an issue all together. you can either complete this by bruteforcing bosses with towers or have 1 character able to dps to some degree(hard difficulity) Late game: here is where some more grinding should be in place. You'll gonna need several characters at the same powerlevel and you will have to grind quite a bit more at the end of the lategame. If you were to have 4 builder heroes in your hero deck as it is currently you'll skip such a big part of the game where you would only need to do a few maps for gear but that is it.(insane and maybe halfway into nightmare?) End game: ?????????( We have no information or testing samples of this yet maybe the hardest maps on nightmare in DD1 as comparison) I hope this will be as challenging as the devs said it would be. At this point levels become useless since you would probably be around the level where you can just equip the second/third best gear and proceed through those levels where the challenge lies in maps and stat checks only.(second half of nightmare and massacare) My fear for how the current system works is that the mid game will be the same as early game. Also making late game a big time shorter of a grind because you are able to have all 4 heroes leveled up at the same time so the only need is for gear. (yes you probably need a DPS for the boss maps but leveling up 1 hero is a joke since you just play a map 3 times on repeat and tada there it is while you already had to do so for the gear) In my opinion because of the 100% xp share and therefore having 4 heroes leveled up at the same pace makes to much of the game to easy. We shouldn't be rushing through the game just to get to end game and burn out in a few days. It should be a journey nice and relaxing/easy at the start and a good progression towards the true challenge. Not dull,dull,eh somewhat challenge, OMG THIS IS THE CHALLENGE. Another proposition to make the current system more balanced is locking the XP share of each of the slots 2-4 behind campaign completion. (all the 4 slots will be available at all time but do not get passive xp on start) After completing the game on easy slot 2 will be unlocked for the XP share. Slot 3 on medium and slot 4 on hard.
  2. While i agree whith your statement that this is still beta and we will have to see how things work out in the final product. In my opinion beta is meant for aspects like these and with only 4 maps available i also think that insane difficulity was to easy to reach in the current state. Whether this is through gear being to strong early and not having a level requirment in the beta or that it's because we had acces to a leveling system that alowed us in my opinion level heroes to effieciently. The point of there only be one level going against the grind doesn't necesserily have to be. i don't know if you are familier with Fortnite save the world? they have implemented a account level which offers different rewards on leveling up. Some rewards grant skill points which you can invest in several different things(Hero abilities or passive increases) and other rewards give out either crafting mats(could give gold or something) and others gave out schematics/new heroes(this can be weapons or pets or even costumes) Though both games are incredible different i can see some kind of simmilar system work out. granted that it will be balanced out properly. I can only say i almost completly agree with you. Though for me the feeling of power granted through leveling in DD2 and being that level 50 was so easily aquired left a bad taste in my mouth mainly. I would like to go back to the core DD1 and for my feeling being more a TD game with the possibility to pve in it than the counterpart DD2. As for your point of balancing i think that this would also be a positive change. This way you can chose for yourself to either powerlevel one character specificly through the passive XP gain or you can just play it alround and tone down the power current power of the hero deck(in my opinion is at the moment to frontloaded) while still maintaining the quality of life change that you no longer have to either build for afk and swap, or attaching a controller for splitscreen or having the need for an emulator.
  3. Hey everyone, In the last couple of days i saw a lot of discussion about the balancing of XP. The discussions about that were about hero deck, the role of levels(AI level restrictment on gear) And XP gain as whole Since there are a lot of different opinions and a lot of different solutions i would like to gather them in one place so it's easier for the Devs to see the different point of views and possible make adjustments if they see fit. Please keep it civilized, everyone has their own opinion on this topic regards to balance and design. These are opinions and therefor are not wrong even if you share this opinion. I'll start of with my suggestion about balancing the current hero deck. In my opinion the herodeck in the current state of XP sharing is a bot overloaded. i think this way the leveling process will be to easy because 3 heroes in the hero deck don't have to do anything on the map and are yet eligable for the full XP. But in concerns of endgame and the need for multiple characters the leveling progress should be sped up a bit at that point. A solution in my opinion to this point would be a scaling XP share percentage. this could be a percentage that increases by every map you complete or it increases in big steps for completing all the campaign levels on a certain difficulity(Maybe add HC in this callculation) So let's say for starters that the hero's in the hero deck gain 15% of the XP that the hero active in the game get's. In the case of small increase per map we could say that every map you complete you gain 1.3% increase for every difficulity(if you complete the map on hard for the first time multiply by 3) this way we cap out the 100% at the end of insane(in my opinion a reasonable point) In the case of the big steps you could get 21.25% increase after completing every map on a specific difficulity. Also capping out at 100% and that will also be achieved by completing every map on insane. In my opinion about max level, this should really take a while, it should feel like a true acomplishment and something you can brag about. But in concerns of balancing and where the need for levels need to be less is somewhere around the 75/80 mark.(i am refering to DD1 and the point where you can use mythic, transcendent and supreme mark. This way you don't have the feeling that you are that much weaker than the person who leveld to the cap but still gives the people who level to the cap the satisfaction of being a rare feat. So please let me and everyone who reads this post know what your opinions and if necessary possible balance changes are.
  4. First of let me apologize for maybe coming of rude. This was mainly a reaction to someone who felt the need to not contribute to the discussion and in my oppinion a provocative way. I have noticed the last couple of days that there is a lot of different opinions on mainly the leveling part of this game/hero deck system in that regard. I'll open a new thread with the sole purpose of discussing how it's balanced or not and possible solutions to make it a system everyone is comfortable with. I'll try to explain why the suggestion of handicapping yourself is in my opinion not a fix and why it will not give the same satisfaction. As Windex mentioned above in DD1 having multiple heroes capped at 100 is something you could be impressed about. This is because leveling(especially in the first few months since the cap was raised) was something that showed that someone was dedicated to the game and willing to spend a ton of hours grinding XP. As of how the game is created you could almost finish every map on NMHC with just mythical or transcendent(lvl requirement being 74 and 78). if you still had issues to complete levels you could level up to 83 and equip supreme gear to help you finish the maps that you struggled with. In my oppinion someone with a higher skill level would be able to complete it with lower gear and level. But for the dedicated people with a lower skill level there was still hope in completing those maps by grinding and having more power. As you can see the real level you needed to be depended on your skill mainly and even if you have a lower skill level you still didn't need to be max lvl to complete the game. So leveling to 100 was a real accomplishment since not many people were interested in spending so much time on the sole purpose of leveling.(it was a rare feast and should be a rare feast) As for the handicapping part why in my oppinion it won't leave the people like me feel satisfied, i'll try to use an example of gear and a certain way of obtaining it. Let's say there is a powerfull piece of gear(comparison for the max level) and by acquiring it you have to beat wave 25 of deeper well. Now everyone and could be using al available heroes towers etc. You are going to handicap yourself by only using Monk aura's(comparison for leveling one hero at the time). Everyone who has the advantage of all the heroes can complete it easily because they are able to counter the harder aspects more easily. You'll take more time doing it and finaly you found succes and completed the challenge. Congratz! you now have that powerfull piece of gear! though you won't have a real form of satisfaction because almost everybody has it. the only difference is that you tried it the hard way but because there is no furter achievement there is no way of showing that you got it through the hard way. So not only are you unable to brag/show-off the reward isn't unique and hard to get so in both ways you won't get the feeling of satisfaction. Anyway i will start a new thread about the hero deck and XP being the only point of that discussion and i hope that in there we can find some sort of way that the people who love the long grind still get a feeling of satisfaction and that the people who don't like that part of the game being not forced to do it to much.
  5. Man you either lack selfreflection that you don't understand that your initial post(adding nothing to the discusion but just a dumb comment) caused a negative reaction. Or you are incapable of reading and because of that you are unable to understand what the ongoing discussion was all about. Or you are just incapable of communicating that you don't understand it and want some extra explanation.(that is why i was insulting you if you still don't understand it i will try to explain it in a different way) as for "They really show how valid your points are, when you can't even actually talk about what other people have to say." thus far i have replied to every message posted on the thread. i have seperated the different points made in those comments and tried to answer them as best as i could. If i failed to answer someone else his question i'm sorry for that it wasn't my intention and i would gladly try to answer it. Coming back on topic of me explaining my point of view and on why leveling is a part of and RPG and why it should have it's part in DDA. First of we need to explain how you can increase power in this game. Currently you gain power increase from 2 sources. The first source is levels(you gain stat points to increase your power in the talent tree where you can make the choise in either hero stats to increase or the stats on your tower) The second source is through gear.(The stats on your gear are all picked at random so it might be an upgrade or it's worth selling) Now that we know where our power gain is coming from let's see how this is combined with the game and the effect it has on playing the game(balance) In previous games gear have a level requirement(the more powerfull the gear the higher the level requirment) this will also make a return but for the sake of the beta it has not been implemented. The reason why level restriction was implemented is for the sake of balance. if you had acces to gear that is to powerfull for the state of the game where you are the game would feel to easy and you will lose interest(lack of challenge). On the other side if you have problems completing a level because you are to weak(gear wise) there should be a way to increase your power level trough something else aka levels. this feels slower but can be much quicker if you have bad RNG. This is something that needs to be balanced throughout the biggest part of the game. At this point we have entered endgame where you can divide the players who still play this game in 2 groups. The first one is skill. Someone who is good in the game who understands mechanics and has a great tactical planning will complete the endgame at a lower level with worse gear compared to the second group. The second group are the grinders. They lack the skills of the first group but they compensate that with commitment to grinding.(levels and gear) These players are higher leveld compared to the first group and because of that they will have more stat points. Because leveling is a thing it allows players who are less skilled at the game to also complete the endgame at the price of having to put more hours and effort into the game. If you made endgame to easy you won't have a feeling of acomplishment. If you would take away leveling or made it to easy to get to max level and balance your game purely on skill people who are willing to put time into the game to compensate for a lower skill level are unable to finish the endgame and will leave unsatisfied. TLDR: Gear and level should be balanced otherwise the game would be to easy and after that endgame will be to hard for people with a lower skill level. Or the endgame will be to easy so that everyone who put 50 hours in the game can finish it. As for your comment about my Diablo 3 reference "In WoW leveling from 1 to 120 could be done in a couple of days by playing hyper focus on leveling" this also counts for diablo and PoE you can do it in a short amount of time if you play it with the hyper focus on leveling(but that is also possible with DD1) In regards to your statements of the hero deck, I was aware that the hero deck had a limit of 4 heroes.(This is a feedback thread about the beta and i put in 30+ hours and also put in 100 hours into DD2 which had the same system) On release this game has only the 4 OG heroes. Meaning you can slot each hero into your hero deck and that they will level up all at the same time(like i said in my talk in balance about making the game to easy) in your first playthrough and trough the biggest and easiest part of the game 1 of each hero would suffice. it's not like an second hero of the same class would magicly bring new towers with it. Only cases where you would want a second hero if you want that hero for both their towers and combat preformance and handling. So this comes down to the biggest part of the game you will only need 4 heroes to build your defenses and maybe one dps. and even then a builder can suffice in the early parts of the game as a dps or lure the boss into towers to take them out for them. So your point about the need for more than 2 heroes would only be applicable after you already played through the biggest chunk of the game(talking about maps not hours.) I came up with a proposition about having the %xp scale with the amount of maps you have completed(in my opinion this makes the whole situation more balanced because it would take a bit of overpowering{levels} away early and it will compensate it the later parts when is starts to matter) this would favor the people with skill more since they progress faster and are in much earlier need of it as well as gives people with a lower skill level the chance to compensate it with grinding and still get acces to it but over a longer period of time. And for your point of: "The hero deck isn't unbalanced. It's the kind of thing people want. You think they just remade DD1 and changed one of the core systems for fun? They changed it because IT WAS BAD GAMEPLAY that people did not like. It was not engaging. It pushed people away from the game." I'll start with: the whole part of why the hero deck has already been changed compared to DD2. The thing they changed already is that you can't swap in combat and it will not make a return. As for my interpretation of why they changed it is because it made the game to easy.(i could be wrong but they never clearly stated why or atleast i couldn't find it) As for your point on IT WAS BAD GAMEPLAY etc. the same could be said about DD2 as whole. When released a lot of die hard DD1 players were left unsatisfied. Sure they made some changes to improve the game and it might be better now but i think there might be a reason why DDA is more comparible to DD1 than to DD2(thank the heavens because i really prefer DD1 over DD2) Anyway as for your whole point of IT WAS BAD GAMPLAY that is an opinion some people liked it some people don't, I tried to explain how it works in games and how it is balanced and should be balanced. If you don't fully understand some part of this please let me know because i might be able to explain it differently
  6. Man are you just mental or do you have low brain capacity? problems with reading all the comments? First off i would like to know which points i didn't adress? Since i think i personally replied to everyone and every mention the did about their oppinion. I tried to explain my point of view and in what ways i don't agree with their point of view. (BTW little side note, this thread was made to voice MY PERSONAL FEEDBACK) The main points of discussion were hero deck and what impact it has on the game. Both on the process of leveling up your characters as wel as impact on gameplay. With every game being in development(especialy that has multiple games) you will have different kind of people voicing their concerns and things how they like to see changed/added/removed. I think i explained clearly enough why i dislike the current state of the hero deck. I even came up with some solutions that would be in my opinion a more balanced state of the system. Which people can debate about wether that is more fair or not and reasons.(not some dumb comment like hurr durr you can just not equip heroes hurr durr) Maybe if i eplain it a bit different you small brain will also understand why i have my opinions and see why i personally want things to atleast get adressed/ballanced, For me personally in an RPG like this i want some sort of grind. I personaly think that DD1 had a good grind(maybe a bit to much in a lot of people their concerns) I can understand it since their was a lot of grinding especialy to level up extra characters. but the flipside was that when you completed those tasks of leveling and gearing you could complete some extra challenges. Those challenges actually meant something since it showed that you put in the hours to get to that point and complete the challenge given. In my opinion is that someone who would put in 80 hours or so shouldn't have completed all the challenges given(by doing i him/herself not by being boosted) My concern with the current function of hero deck a big part of an RPG game will be made to easy. in examples like WoW Diablo 3 Path of Exile their is a leveling system active which all have their own way of functioning and all take quite some time to complete(If you don't hyper focus on it even longer.) In WoW leveling from 1 to 120 could be done in a couple of days by playing hyper focus on leveling(again like this you only have 1 character to 120 not 4 at the same time) In Diablo 3 there is the paragon system which let you level infinitly once you reach max level and the first 800 paragon levels actually have quite some impact on your character progression.(arguably less but still impact more than the levels after 800) In PoE i have put in almost 950 hours. let's say 500 is actually active play(this because trading is quite a thing in softcore leagues) and i still have to reach max level. All these 3 games mentioned are different and have a different aproach to leveling. Though all have one thing in common and that is that leveling is a big part of the game. Yes some of them feel like they take to long. and yes some part of the leveling feels like how i called it in previous reactions a "chore" but once you complete it it feel like a true acomplishment. (i am not arguing that you can completely bypass this in wow with 120 boost) i'm not saying it should take 1000 hours of xp grinding to max level. i'm not saying there shouldn't be something in the game that helps leveling additional heroes easier. all i'm saying is that in my opinion you shouldn't spend 50 hours in the game and have 4 heroes completly maxed out on leveling. If there is anything else unclear to you and you want my personal opinion again in a thread about me voicing my own opinion be sure to let me know!
  7. Man you really are able to get the full point of what i am saying! /s But in all seriousness i'll dumb it down for you so that you also understand the point better. Current hero deck design is bad it makes leveling to easy. DD1 leveling also bad because to long. I prefer DD1 leveling because your first play through shouldn't be done quick and should take time. I had suggestion making it more balanced you can read in my previous post. I also had concern over the impact hero swap had on stats of the game. My point was that in comparison to DD1 where builders needed movementspeed what currently in DDA that is not needed because of quickswap. I also made suggestions on this in my previous post. Before you plan on posting again please read the posts before you, what has been discussed? Do you understand what has been said? does your post add something to the thread? If all of these aply feel free to join the conversation about balance and how you would like to see features be implemented
  8. I joined the game well before the shards maps were a thing but never got to into it. at that time i enjoyed games like GTA more. So i played it up to hard difficulity and didn't bother to much with how to get to the end game, what the best builds where etc. around 2014 i started playing the game more serious and grinded to the endgame. The same as you said i also grinded the Spires and Glitterhelm over and over just to get my characters leveled up. I didn't mind at that time and a still don't mind it from time to time since i take big breaks from the game and when i go play it again i fall in love with the game design and gameplay over and over again. I agree that back then the only way of leveling up was just not the way and was way to time consuming. And i am of the opinion that once you get to the endgame leveling should be going quicker since you already completed most of the content. Since the last community update for DD1 they added a level up gem that let's you use it in the basement and levels your hero up to max level.(1 time use) The way for you to get this gem is to beat True boss mode(newly added map) and you can use it only when you have the basement unlocked(Endgame). I'm not saying that this is the perfect way and it has some flaws since you really need to put in the hours before this. But it's something i can agree more with. Get to the later stages of the game and be rewarded with easier leveling if you need it. The suggestion i have if the hero deck stays is to balance it somewhat like this: Quickswap only useable around a certain radius around the crystal(this way you combine the hero deck and how the forge worked but without the extra menu's that you had to go trough) Quickswap is available on every map but the cooldown between swaps is increased and get's increased the more you swap(can reset every round) XP gain for heroes in the deck scales with progression throughout the game. The way i had in mind is that heroes active in the game gain full xp.(if you use all heroes troughout a simulator that's fine with me since there will be a difficulity multiplier for every active hero on the map) At the start of the game heroes on the hero deck gain 20% (?) of the XP the active hero gets. Now with the scaling XP gain for the hero deck you could go several ways the percentage increases with every completed map or you can say you'll get an great percentage increase once you complete all the maps on a given difficulity. In my opinion the current 100% xp gain is just unbalanced and will make leveling to easy.
  9. Played it quite recently again. And yes i know that there is a wall of needing extra heroes. That is why i don't mind the splitscreen levelling because that came with the price of a difficulity increase. In every game there should be a lvling part and that should feel meaningfull. if you only level one character and 3 characters level simultaneously to the same level your used character levels i honestly won't have a feeling of accomplishment. And thus in my opninion is the current state where 3 heroes in your deck getting full xp without having to contribute or anything a dumbing down of the game and giving a less meaningfull experience compared to how it was in DD1. it's not perfect but it game more satisfaction than how the hero deck is functioning right now. I honestly do not agree with this. You can get to insane and nightmare with with godly unlucky gear. With the high stats for towers they also came with huge drawbacks. technically you are easily able to have less than 100 hero speed stats once you reach insane. This also due to the gear in DD1 having negative stats.(in my opinion something they should definitly add in the future) Wow! thanks for that increadibly great idea! You completly have read every point i made about this and you summarized it so well! Everyone should take an example of you're ability to contribute to a thread about discussing pro's and con's regarding anything /s
  10. Your awnser: I couldn't agree more. The whole reason i made this post is to let the devs know my personal opinion of the current state of the game and how i would like to see things in the game. My reactions below that post were mere explanations as to why i have that point of view. True, but the point became that eventually the hero speed felt needed on higher difficulities and you had to take into consideration. The way it had value in DD1 was that it felt necessary to pump out as much defenses as possible to atleast hold wave 1. How it will have affect DDA is still to be seen. The way it looks now for me personally is that the only value it has is on dps to go around the map quickly but for anything else it's a dead stat that has 0 value. What's also a struggle for the devs is that we want different pets that all feel unique and every one of them has it's uses but they should not be gamebreaking of fixing for that matter
  11. The reason i was mentioning this is because of the way it used to work that took more time to level things up and you had to use the hero you wanted to level up.(that is why i brought it up because the hero deck and XPshare feature being on permanently are similar) every grinding game has a few boring tasks D3 bounties are boring AF but still i feel like i need to do them because of the goods they give with that i can use then to either reroll gear for my current hero or use it on a new character and waste it on extracting things for in the cube to help levelling my new hero. Right now the whole every hero gets 100% XP for everything without having to be used feels like taking away a grind that i liked and what made getting to endgame more rewarding. You can like that or not but that is my opinion. I like levelling even when i can afk through the rounds.It's something that i think is part of the game and shouldn't be made this easy. The point i was making is because of the whole hero swap that comes with defender decks you can make certain stats unnecessary, My main point was that movementspeed stats for builders were no longer needed. it's not about the buildtimer it's about needing to make use of certain stats. in DD1 you needed your builders to be fast to make sure you had enough defenses before the wave even started. If you are still unable to see that the calculation i was using is to prove my point on what impact the current system would have on specific stats compared to the old system than that is not on me. So i'll repeat myself again: Current herodeck system makes hero stats like movementspeed on builders no longer necessary. (this is in my opinion making the game easier and i personally like the game hard) Yes because this is totally the same thing /s Again MY OPINION (kinda what this whole feedback post is all about) is that i in all honesty liked how DD1 did the leveling by letting you connect a controller for splitscreen or run an emulator. The kicker here is with every member that was extra in the game the dificulity increased so content became a bit harder. This might not be a real challenge but it upped the challenge a bit. And to be fair never have i stated that you needed to level up through a low level zone. So the whole point with your PoE example does not make any sense. So again long story short: MY OPINION the current way hero deck works with the XP gain being 100% for all the characters is something i disslike and what i personally would like to be changed. (because 1 i love to grind and 2 want the endgame for people who truly put time in it and not because of some gimmick reached max level on all char in no time) Okay great! now let's see you try everything with 0 movementspeed increase on nightmare. it's not a 200iq thing but it's something that has been put in the game and can't be negated on harder content. Okay 2 seperate things here. in MY OPINION is that putting hours in a game like DD1 was felt really rewarding(again i like grinding). This is because for me putting hours in something to gather currency levelling alts etc. is all work to get to the endgame and when you finally beat the endgame it feels far more rewarding. in MY OPINION endgame shouldn't be for everyone though you should be able to enjoy the game fully without the need to reach the endgame. If this means timegating through levelling or something else that sets appart players who will put in 1000 hours of gameplay to finish all the content and people who will play for a 100 hours and call it quits.
  12. Like i said: The current state of how the hero deck now functions it makes hero movementspeed on builders obsolite. It's not a gamebreaking thing but it's taking something away what you needed to take in consideration in DD1. You needed to have enough speed on your builders to make it around the map quick enough so that every crystal was well defended atleast for the first wave. Again it's not gamebreaking but if you don't need to take those things in consideration in my opinion you take a bit of challenge away from insane difficulity and up. Also even if you needed to get to a certain point in the map to change your hero loadout you can still start the map with the 3 base builders for your start defense and have your dps in there for wave 1 extra clearing. after that switch out 1 builder and finish your build. again in this whole process you only need 1 hero to walk around from point to point. As for leveling up new characters i prefer that it feels like a chore. For me this is part of a game where you need to grind. The less effort it takes to get certain parts of the game done quickly because of an easy game design the less rewarding the progression will feel because you didn't put in the hours to reach that and was kinda given to you. Again this is my opinion where i like every part of games i need to grind even if it's something mind numbing as leveling like how it was done in DD1.
  13. I completly loved how the old gems looked like! The big sizes and different colours spread across the floor was always a nice sight to be seen!
  14. Honestly i don't really agree with this. if you are in need of huntress weapons you are forced have your huntress out to increase the chance of huntress weapons to drop. Same with all other classes. In cases in DD1 where you farmed for a specific item as a reward drop for either completing it or getting to a certain wave. Yes there you can use another hero to complete everything up till that point. With this i personally do not agree with you but that is just my take on grinding games like DD1/DDE, PoE, D3 and Pokémon. As an example of changes i didn't like that happend to Pokémon. With the newest games they released they implemented a similar thing as how the hero deck now functions. This is the XP share. I explained it in a replay above so i'll keep this short. In terms of Pokémon i liked that i needed to put effort into levelling them the hard way, battleshifting until they are strong enough to pull their own weight. As for the hero deck this feels similar. in my opinion it takes away the effort that you needed to put into things like that.
  15. Let's forget about the fucked up way the spacing worked out i'll try again since i can't figure out how to edit: Okay let's start of with that in the posts above i've never mentioned that you need to replay the game completly to level up a new character. The reason i don't like the hero deck has 2 reasons so i will try to explain both as good as possible. LEVELING: The current state of the hero deck is that the xp you gain on your active hero get's shared for the full 100% to all the other heroes. The reason why i disslike this has also several reasons. The feeling of accomplishment of levelling all heroes to max isn't there. Compared to DD1 where if you had all characters at lvl 100 you had put in some serieus hours to achieve. Even when you used a controller or used an emulator to level up more at the same time. If i recall correctly when heroes died on hardcore in DD1 they would get reduced xp but not completly sure about that. Anyway they needed to be in the game otherwise they would not get XP and with their pressence the dificulity scalled upwards(alteast for survival) Like i already mentioned above it added a bit of extra difficulity because when you used extra the monster scaling went up. So it was a check if you could easily do the map or you can't finish it because you added to many heroes afk for the stats that you have. For me this feels like the more recent pokémon games. The challenge is gone where you combat switched to level your lower level pokémon. With the latest edition XP share being standard really hurt the challenge. (Hero deck is for me just an XP share for the heroes that didn't lift a finger)  GAMEPLAY: Like i already explained in a post above it takes the challenge from insane and upwards. How it now feels is like you can completly negate the need of movementspeed on your builders. The maps we currently have are not really the best example for this case since the defenses are most effectivly build close to the core and we only have 1 core to defend. I'll use the DD1 map city in the cliffs with the current state of the game as an example here. Once i enter the build mode i have all the mana that is available on the first round from chests. i have 4 heroes in my deck that i would need for the first round. 1. Monk 2. Series EV 3. Summoner 4. Jester. With this new system all my builders have no need for Movementspeed since i have my dps who acts like a racecar. Let's say we need 15 seconds to build with the hero swap downtime calculated. multiply that by 5 since you'll probably want to build 5 spots. Add another 5-8 seconds for moving from spots. for the easy math i'll also multiply this by 5. so 5*15 = 75. 75+(5*8)=115 seconds total of building time. City in the cliffs has a 210 seconds of build time. So this way if we had the current system there we would have more than plenty of time. Also this way i can completly ignore movementspeed on builders and take the massive movementspeed slow the pet rock gives. Thus imho because you don't need to think about a certain stat you dumb down the game. I personally like grinding games like DD1/DDE, PoE, D3 etc. i will always be grinding to get to the hardest parts of the game and then try to make it easier. And with that i hope that DDA will be able to cater those things and not give out the endgame and it's rewards to people who only play for a couple of hours. Because i take pride in my achievements if they are trully challenging to get
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