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  1. 10 coal and a kings game run on easy non-hc
  2. So after quite a bit of procrastination I finished up my submissions so here they are! They all have a red theme and were designed with the idea that they could be given out as a set. Also, all of these items have a hidden 222 in them to make them somewhat connected. For example, every item has -200 range so each first number of that stat is 2 so there is a 222. Item 1: Feathers of the Sky The defender's headdress is one of my favorite accessories in the game because I absolutely love how they look. This item was inspired a bit by the war bonnet. The mana value 246,000 is a reference to the altitude at where space begins and where you can find the beautiful stars that gifted this item into Etheria. There is obviously a 222 as the Thp, Trate and Tdmg but there is also a more hidden one if you add all of the stats up (856) and divide it by the upgrades (385) you will get 2.22! Forger is "<color:180,250,200>The Stars" and the description should also be this color Primary Color: 0,0,0 Secondary Color: 80,-50,-50 Ups: 385/385 Use Level: 100 Item 2: Sea of Flames The Cumulus bracers are another one of my favorite accessories in the game but they sadly are a generic which means you cannot farm ones that are as good as the non-generics. This item just has it's 222 shown as the max amount of upgrades. Also if you add up all the stats + the current upgrades (9) it will equal 999 so the same as the mana value. Forger: <color:90,150,255>The Tempest Description: <color:255,160,10>A misused water shield. Primary Color: 15, 0.4, 0.3 Secondary Color: 8, 0.6, 0.3 Ups: 9/222 Use Level: 100 Item 3: Solar Fragment: I am a huge fan of weapons and items that give move speed and I thought that adding an upgrader accessory would be a great opportunity here. Although the item is meant for an upgrade jester, it can also secondarily be used on a dps hero if you are willing to lose some stats for higher move speed. This would hopefully help alleviate the demand a little bit over the exclusive final patch on top of being a pretty cool item (in my humble opinion). If you just hover over the item in your box the upgrades show as 2/2 which makes another 222 with the 2.0 B mana value. Forger: <color:240,75,50>The Sun Description: <color:255,0,0>You thought that was the end? (This is a reference/response to the Final Patches' description of "The patch to end all patches?!") Primary Color: 0, 0, 0 (I believe setting it to a negative would fix the specs on the black skull) Secondary Color: 80, 0, 0 Ups: 2/2 Use Level: 100 Here are some photos of the three items when equipped:
  3. Triple Cap: Overload + 70cv = 140cv
  4. If you do not want to farm lab assault over and over another option once you have gotten your builders to ~1500 stats would be to do dread dungeon survival with only summoners out to drop armor or kings game survival. In order to make those survivals a lot easier you will need 2 "boost summoners" with guardian pets. You can get these pets from moonbase campaign rewards while you farm fish. You will want 2 huntress guardians, 1 apprentice guardian and 1 monk guardian. In terms of stats just get ones with Hero health and ab2 if you can but you really want to look for guardians with 90 or more guardian range, over 40 intensity boost and over 40 upgrades so you can make them each boost 5 towers (every 10th upgrade lets you upgrade amount of towers boosted up to 5 total so you need at least 40 upgrades). These summoners don't need anything other than a little bit of hp so just find some armor with hero hp and enough upgrades to cap resists (or as close as you can get to 90%). Also you will want one summoner with a huntress + apprentice guardian to boost your DST towers and your other will have a huntress + monk to boost your LT towers. Don't use 2 of the same guardians on the same summoner because they do not stack and will boost half as many towers as they should.
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