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  1. If you're still looking to sell them, hmu on discord and we can work out a deal Deskdogs#7066
  2. Hmmmmm I think I'm having the same problem
  3. Thanks for the fun contest! (how to build fast???) Here's my profile: https://steamcommunity.com/id/mrmannerlol/ And if I win anything I'd like to receive any rewards on live
  4. Had some swag equipped, oops... https://steamcommunity.com/id/mrmannerlol/ Thanks for the contest!
  5. Honestly this year has been pretty crazy and I never really expected it to end up the way it is right now. I definitely played more DD than I expected and met a lot of new people through it. Thank you to all the people I met through this game and ddrng, you guys are the best and I hope you all have a great new year :) https://steamcommunity.com/id/mrmannerlol/
  6. 10 coal and a kings game run on easy non-hc
  7. So after quite a bit of procrastination I finished up my submissions so here they are! They all have a red theme and were designed with the idea that they could be given out as a set. Also, all of these items have a hidden 222 in them to make them somewhat connected. For example, every item has -200 range so each first number of that stat is 2 so there is a 222. Item 1: Feathers of the Sky The defender's headdress is one of my favorite accessories in the game because I absolutely love how they look. This item was inspired a bit by the war bonnet. The mana value 246,000
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