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  1. HI. Good job CG, you have hidden the support button or link so well that I cannot find it. I would like to cancel my pre order so I can buy the better version. Not like any CG staff posts here... So could any of you Defenders point me in the right direction?
  2. Charge back it is, if they wont offer a upgrade... This is misleading marketing.
  3. Infinite, as of right now speed points HARD CAP at 45, if we are to believe the UI. And the PET cuts your speed in half. So currently there is no way to ever compensate for the speed loss. This is one issue I have with pets so far, their "abilities" are shallow, they don't scale or RNG at all. Pet rock - Half speed Prop Cat - Double damage Where as DD1 they were stats you could upgrade for the most part. Or at least counter act with enough stats in a specific thing.
  4. From my experience so far, this issue is due to ping issues in multiplayer sessions. Using abilities as seen in the video, seems to work most of the time.
  5. Hello. So this was not available when I bought the 40 dollar pack from the backer kit store. How can we upgrade to deluxe and prestigious editions? Or will these bonuses be available in DLC form?
  6. Yea, i tried doing a alc. lab with just traps and around wave 12-13(?) I had to spend all the mana I got simply doing repairs. Not allowing for a single upgrade more. Might of been a bit my fault, I placed some of them quite close to the spawn, so it used more than it would of need to, but still, wouldn't have changed very much.
  7. Hmm, think I ended up somewhere i'm not supposed to be
  8. Items are disappearing and I dont want them to. Why should the game decide what item I dont need? In dd1 you had the floor full of items, now we got 1/8th of the floor with items, and they are going poof. If you cant let all the items that drop stay, why even let them drop? Whats the point of letting an item drop if you are just going to make it go away anyway?
  9. What is the worst loot? I get green arrow loot, but they are worse for me than what I already got.
  10. Hello. What is the point of the CTRL TOP DOWN tower view, if i cannot see the full range of my tower? The end.
  11. Oh, so you guys are balancing loot in having to pick it up in X seconds? Nice! Keep it up, will be good! ^_^
  12. Hello. I have 3 concerns I feel should be addressed. Mana disappearing. Items disappearing. Ogre throws snot ball at random towers across the map. Why is mana crystals on the ground disappearing? - We have little enough mana as is, making it go poof doesn't help. - Is this intended or a bug? Why are items on the ground disappearing? - Well, just why, theres not even that many, still they go away. - I have not counted, but I would guess the cap is 50 or so. - How does the game determine what items are deleted? - Is this a bug or a feature? Why does ogre decide to throw his snot at my random barricade across the whole map? - Is this a bug or intended? - If it is intended, why? - Randomizing what enemies attack, does not mix well with "creative tower placements".
  13. Hello. After dying in multiplayer matches, very often I get some kind of desync to the server where it corrects my character location slightly. It fixes itself after swapping characters in build phase, but other than that I have found no way to fix it. https://streamable.com/yl7k3
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