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  1. Scrapping and redoing defenses before reworking the rewards we get for playing wouldn't solve much. There will not be any significant longevity of DDA, progression wise with the current loot/stat system. Unless the two next tiers of gear will drastically change how stats are generated, players will be at 90% efficiency stat wise a week or two after those gear tiers hit. Having more fun and diverse towers wont change that. While I agree with it 100%, it's nothing compared to how shallow the stat system is at its current state. Personally I don't see myself bothering pushing the limits when the gains are so marginal in most cases on items. Currently there is; One, 1, ONE item that slightly behaves how stats worked in DD1. And even on that ONE item, several of the stats don't really matter anymore at later levels. - Move speed - Caps out really fast. - Casting Speed - Caps out really fast, probably will matter more with higher HP barricades, but doesn't affect tower placement much at all. - Yes it was tedious or even slightly annoying having to wait 2-4 seconds even to spawn a tower back in DD1 in combat phase, but it gave the STAT MEANING, something it does not do now.
  2. I mean, the answer of the two posts above yours, and the one below yours pretty much sums it up.
  3. Probably yes. But Monk has access to "hero boost" abilitly. You should maybe show your DPS with that enabled. And also consider that it buffs all allies around you. Monk is probably the best DPS at the moment, probably huntress close second for single target.
  4. Auras are buggy like that. If you buff electric aura, then a ogre steps into it, it will deal the buffed damage even after the duration of the buff. Alternatively, if you buff after the ogre is inside the aura, it will not take increased damage.
  5. Huh? A feature that sells items you cannot see? Okay.. Edit; While we are at it, it should just sell all gear entirely then; - Stuff you got locked - All the items you are wearing Since sell all.
  6. You can hold X to make it go away. Though I agree it is taking too much screen space, and I have to move around myself sometimes too when placing defenses due to this overly huge UI.
  7. Upgrading Elemental damage is basically worthless.
  8. To start off, I've only gotten two so far. Was lucky earlier today getting a legendary Mista mine. Would be cool seeing what stats others have gotten. GG website, you have beaten me, I can't delete this...
  9. Pretty sure Str. Drain and darkness trap only removes the resistance while the enemy is in the range of it. Kind of miss leading description.
  10. Hello. Please let us repair/upgrade when "looking" at edges of auras and traps like it was in DD1. The current system is a pain in the butt; - Center of auras is often under ground, so its hard to aim at. - If several auras are in the same spot, you have to look upwards to "find" it. - Traps are "hidden" by line of sight behind other defenses, even if the other defense is full HP. - Upgrading / Repairing was easier in DD1 with the option to "tab through" the target you wanted to hit. - Most of the time anyway, you just want to "repair all", so hitting the edge of the aura/trap you could cycle through all of them really fast. As is in DDA to repair you have to; Look up, down, right and left to even find your target. Sometimes that doesn't even help, so you have to back away and "find the center" of the aura again. To repair a trap you have to move around a aura/trap/defense because its blocking line of sight. LIne of sight is required.. Camera shake is affecting what you target. All of this and while being bombarded by kobolds, assassins and ogre snot, is making trap builds especially annoying. A task that was super easy to do in DD1, is now super cumbersome in DDA.. Sure, you made it easier to upgrade the correct defense, but at what cost?
  11. - Did you even read? I am worried of future patches based on CORE systems we have NOW. Which most likely will not change. - I mean, if you solely compete vs others to have the best gear, okay. - If you just play to have fun and grind, getting +1, +3 , +2, does NOT feel rewarding when you have 600+ in that stat from before. And on top of that you will need to spend 10+ million gold to actually "get back to it" by upgrading your armor piece again. - Yes they mixed the two, and stripped away the depth from both of them. I pass. You are right ish, I was thinking about swords. https://streamable.com/gfxr0 Why did people play DD1 for years? - Loot was complex, not farmed to max in a month. So am I, but it's not thanks to crazy loot, and "fun" items. - I got this "Hand" pet, it doesn't even repair auras or traps. - I'm a Squire, I have 2 blockades that are worthless. - I got this Genie, it gives me mana like every 15 seconds. - My Dragon pet from Summit, does 200 dps. - Need I go on on boring stuff that could be fun? > Yes, I'm sure some of this will get better, but not all will as has been the case in previous games. And if you have to ask me to have fun again? Yes I already have and having fun playing.
  12. Hello. Will it be as easy to farm as current "end game insane" Armor? Give or take a week or two, hardcore players will just be done with it again, since the loot system is so shallow as it is... All the depth that was in DD1 and DD2 loot is gone in DDA. You implemented a spliced DD1/2 version of loot, with zero of the depth that they both had, and we are just left with; > Get X item at X item power and it will do just fine... Wheres is the "WOW!" did i just get that!? Sure I mean, whenever I get my first item with 25 all tower stats, I will be happy for like 3 seconds, then realizing how little it actually matters and just think; "Well there goes another 13m into upgrading!" Loot is so shallow, you have to count on a single hand how many numbers total your tower stats go up most of the time.. - Wheres the huge ass weapons or the tiny ones? - Wheres the random firing rate for bows/guns? (They are all set by default) - Wheres the random huge stats on low tier gear?? - Wheres the FUN and we don't give a shit feel of how crazy stuff is at? Anyways, what you guys think about the loots? Let me end with that I am having fun, farming away, but if what we have, is signs to come, there will be need of way more that just 1 "new" difficulty mode.
  13. Yea, seems they are so scared of leeching they are just punishing everyone, great game design.
  14. 1. It makes enemies "blind" for a set time while they are inside the range of the trap, so they don't attack blockades/towers in the area, but if they leave the trap area and a new target is there, they will attack it. 2. Boost attribute is the stat for the 2nd skill of every hero.
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