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  1. My opinion: Yet again their communication has proven to be lacking but in all honesty i am fine with a wipe. People will 100% be very upset with the no warning 'wipe'. Since they have stated the 'play' is the preferred way to experience DD:A and everyone has to start from scratch so its an even playing field which i do understand the reasoning behind that but the lack of warning that all our efforts will be undone as soon as modding gets introduced to our 'legacy' platform and all our hard earned equipment becomes trash with the first modded items being introduced so it does somewhat feel like a shot to the gut. All that said i'm really not bothered by the wipe as i was mentally prepared and thought it might happen anyway because of all the chatter on the forums about how when the game is released it will be unfair to new players to fight beside end game players. TL:DR I don't really care about starting over but it does hurt to know all our hard work gets pushed to a soon-to-be modded world where all our hard earned equipment becomes useless.
  2. 1) The Deeper Well - Griffin 2) Ancient Mines - Mista Mine 3) Lava Mines - Steam Robot 4) Alchemy Labs - Propeller Cat 5) None? Can't recall the map name, that map thats like the grand canyon, it has no chests and i couldnt see a chest on wave 15 to collect a pet.
  3. Welcome Mary to the DD Community! Rusty is adorable, what breed is he? P.s. I guess we are besties now?
  4. You said: "What’s Missing?There’s a lot to cover what’s in a game. Patch notes usually say what’s new, but with so much of the game being new, we’re going to let you explore the game. Instead, we're going to outline what may not be in the Beta that we are currently polishing and iterating on to get in for release (we may be missing some things from this list as well):" Followed by a list of things not currently in the beta. I was hoping you could explain in a bit more detailed, for instance, you mention the tactical map: "Tactical MapThis is currently in a functional state. We’re going to be updating the map images, and make sure it’s a lot prettier come release." You mention it IS in the Beta in a functional state, however you will be updating it COME RELEASE, does this mean the beta will not see this updated, or you release the more polished map on the release date. You have so far released 3 patches including a few new things such as a pet drop on wave 25 (i know its not currently functional we will ignore this), so you have added new content to the beta, so i guess my real question is what can the beta expect in terms of updates, are all of the "Whats Missing" items you listed not going to be in the beta, is the beta going to stay at its current level of content and you will release patches to increase performance, polish artwork etc...?
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