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  1. So far with the 4 maps available to us i have 1 strategy for all of them altered according to the map. Block all chokepoints with spike blockades, the spire with 100% of stats into defence HP and nothing else. Strength drain aura in each lane, monk stats pointed towards 50% defence range and 50% defence HP Flame towers with stats focused 80% defence dmg, 10% defence hp and 10% attack rate lastly the fourth character is apprentice for player DPS, approx 80% into atk, 20% into HP, ive found my main weapon to be more effective than the abilities/skills so i only use left and right click abilities, its OP tbh. aside from slight alterations with that strategy depending on the map, i may include enrage auras and slow auras as well, i tend to also build 1 area weaker than the rest, and i will actively fight to defend it (my char is easily worth 4 or 5 towers) so i only need to focus on 1 area and leave the rest to my towers. So i completely get what you mean when you say it feels like theres only 1 way to build, but in fairness, we havent seen the other maps yet, and we havent played the last 2 difficulties and i believe there will be other game modes when its released as well and all these things may mean my strategy will fail later on so i havent posted about it myself yet, honestly this beta is a very small testing grounds and there is a lot missing to give very in depth feedback. I plan on making a post with all my thoughts after i clock 100 hours played after the release, thats when feedback will be most useful IMO.
  2. Agreed, i have only heard about DDA from 3 sources: 1) Myself.... I am a big fan of DD1 and DD2 so i try to keep up to date on the latest 2) Steam, i cam across it accidentally when i searched for dungeon defenders and was like "ooooh what is dis i see before me?" 3) Facebook, i liked the DD page so when info on DDA started popping up i was psyched. Considering i came across steam accidentally when i deliberatly searched for Dungeon Defenders i cant really count it as an advertisement and as for facebook, i have seen the occasional sponored ad for DDA as well as some info on their page but aside from the sponsored ad, there has been literally no promotion/marketing that i have come across, it feels like they arent really trying to promote their own game, im always on the look out for the latest games and sometimes search the interwebs and ive never come across it other than steam and facebook. If they have a marketing team then somebody needs to give em a smack on the head and tell them to get in gear! Release is only around the corner now, now more than ever there should be intense focus on marketing it.
  3. LETS START THE COUNTDOWN! We heard it here first people, start the clock starting from "less than a month"! Joking aside, WOOOOOOOO LESS THAN A MONTH IM PSYCHED!
  4. There may be other information that will be displayed in different game modes, it looks like this is a campaign playthrough so it may include other details such as "survival" or other things they will add to the final version. I think this looks pretty great im excited to see it in all its glory on release, and in picture #4, is that the good ol DD1 mana?! it's a little difficult to tell but if it is then im reallllly happy to see it, i always loved the style in DD1 whereas DD2 felt too.... sharp? if that makes sense. A little bit of feedback: 1) I can't quite put my finger on it but i do agree with @Doondoonswhen he said the DU hexagon is not needed, or atleast needs altering into something else, it just sort of feels out of place, i wish i could provide an example of what i think it should be but i can't think of it, i just know it feels wrong, perhaps you could add it to the bar where it states the wave number? 2) The screen feels a little too bare, having too much in the UI is a bad thing but i believe there is also such a thing as too little, and while this new UI feels more polished than whats in the beta it also feels more lacking, perhaps putting the R/Q/Z/M for repairs/upgrades/mana drop/sell in the bottom right and having all the number hotkeys across the bottom from left to right, that i think would make it more rounded. 3) Maybe im forgetting something here but is there no blue mana bar anymore? Has this been removed in the polished version for some reason, how do we know how much mana we have to cast abilities or has that whole system changed somehow? 4) Agreeing completely with @Doondoons when he said the G in "Press G to start" feels obnoxious and the R/Q/Z when hovering over a tower. This needs to be changed its completely out of place and honestly just looks plain bad. All the above feedback is based solely on these images and i hope its helpful :)
  5. Im pretty curious what kind of damage the electric aura does, i tried using it but i couldnt get it strong enough to be useful on insane difficulty because all they would do is trigger kobolds and they suicide their way to the core too fast, especially when they come in waves of 100s! Because of that reason i stopped using them when i first started and switched over to the apprentice flame tower build.
  6. Honestly i don't remember what level i beat it at but i used the following combo: Ensnare and slow auras combined with flame towers and blockades. I remember though it was extremely difficult and skeletons kept getting to my core from wave 20+, if it wasn't for the skeletons then i would have beaten it a lot sooner than i did.
  7. Welcome Mary to the DD Community! Rusty is adorable, what breed is he? P.s. I guess we are besties now?
  8. I found it for ya @Balec, it was an early bird special, i don't know if it was only on kickstarter or not, thats just where i got it.
  9. It was on kickstarter, i received it ages ago.
  10. Whenever it gets released i know one thing for sure, its gunna be busy for a while and the forums will undoubtedly explode with posts so i'm excited!
  11. I just got an email sent with the survey, never sent them an email or anything, it was just a little late for me for some reason
  12. That's true, but Chromatic's starting to become more active with the community, putting out a survey and keeping us posted with updates so we can see that progress is being made. If i was to complain about anything to do with this beta it would be that i can't understand why they are deliberately holding back features, we can't test what isn't in the game, i can get that they want us to test certain things but if everything they left out of the beta isn't tested at all then on release who knows what we will get! It could be a complete disaster so that does make me a little nervous and i would like to see an explanation about that. I guess i'm just hopeful for the best.
  13. They haven't said anything so for the moment it is still scheduled to release in February. I don't see how people can get pissed at a second delay, sure you may be excited and really want to play but what if on release its a buggy mess, then what will you think? I feel bad for the devs because no matter what people will always complain.
  14. You say every time you enter/join a match this happens, does that mean it works normally in the tavern?
  15. Oh thanks for this, i didn't realise that was a survey, it was just questions about my pledge so i figured it was just updating my account information so they can give discord rank etc... I did get the first and completed it. I received the first and all kickstarter/chromatic games emails to my main inbox, never any in my junk so im not sure where the second one is
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