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  1. i have to rely on the tactical map to get their general location but ive recently discovered they dont always show on the map or sometimes they will show and at the end of the wave ill find its no longer on there and have to search without its general location, its quite frustrating, there should be a nice crimson red glow on the floor, and tbh i think with mythical and trans gear there should even be faint beams of light that shine upwards about the size of our characters, that would look pretty cool and easily identify the rarer qualities. For that matter you should have control over this beam of light to turn it on and off for whatever quality gear you like so you can quickly and easily locate it.
  2. Without a DPS char and still using epic gear, you are still far from being able to battle nightmare, at level 72 im shocked your still using epic gear, you need to be constantly on the look out for better equipment, you have to do a lot of survival farming, summit gives the best exp i believe but if your only at the point where you can manage summit on campaign, id suggest maybe starting on ancient mines survival, see how far you can get on insane and the later waves will almost certaintly have upgrades from your epic gears. In nightmare there is no such thing as a builder than can hold its own as a DPS, that may be alright for insane but in nightmare you need a dedicated DPS character with equipment geared for hero stats.
  3. Yea i use them sometimes, they're helpful
  4. They said to unlock it complete the challenges. I couldn't do the first 1 solo because you can't place defences so really you need at least 1 other person and the second 1 i completed easily with traps all over the place because goblins rain down all over the map right next to the crystal etc.. and as soon as i completed that 1 i unlocked magnus quaters but i havent tried it yet
  5. I love it as is right now, the range is a little bit on the short side but its not exactly bad in my opinion, maybe you just need to put a few more points into it.
  6. my towers almost never get hit, just experiment there are places you can place them, though its true there really arent many. A few hints: The wooden structure between the 2 lanes, you can build on top and under it and the spiders dont attack. In the middle of the map under that wooden structure there is a mining cart, you can build 2 striker towers on there, spiders ignore them and they shoot through the wood so its not an issue. The solo lane, there are a few spots right up by the spawn you can place towers, and you can place the DST towers by that pool of water opposite the spawn site on the big hill things. Hope this helps :P Just takes patience, trying new tower placements, new building strategies, the spiders are way too many and far too big a threat for what i think they should be but as far as building goes, this is what i enjoy most, these OP spiders, before they get the nerf they NEED to get i want to see if i can beat them :P So far my record is dying on wave 19 NMHC xD
  7. This has happened to my weapon a well, it became mythical then transcendent, ive also had a few weapons turn mythical so im guessing soon they could become transcendent too. The quality of item drops should be locked and not something that can be upgraded by any means in my opinion, so i hope this is a bug.
  8. Huntress flame trap has the same issue, the info its showing isnt what it actually does, in my case it hits weaker and slower than the dps/dmg readings on stat screen.
  9. what do you mean a djinn stealing it? it hasnt moved or anything it is still in the same position just not shooting at enemies
  10. It's not obvious but there is an indication if you ever try to pick up items with a full bag in small red letters it says "You inventory is full" or something like that in the lower left of the screen. They should make it a lot more obvious though as i barely noticed it.
  11. I found my flame tower completely shut down in the left lane in ancient mines (the solo lane) so it seems like its the darkness trap somehow blinding it, because i had a massive horde of mobs there and had to kill them myself
  12. is the option still there, when you press esc and right click their name it used to say 'kick'. is the option grayed out, how exactly cant you kick them? any error messages popping up
  13. I know not everybody reads every post, i like to stay informed so i read through a lot of stuff on here, and CG are pretty secretive about their information, but i caught a rare glimpse of information i thought you all would want to know about, they said in multiple posts there would be a patch later today but its been delayed to tomorrow. The thread this was posted in is
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