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  1. lmao. Not sure how to edit this thread. I'll repost with a completed OP.
  2. I'd like to see more specialization in characters to make players to use them for the defensive waves. As of right now we use the Knight to build tanky defenses towers, Mage for DPS towers, Monk Utility/DPS auras, and the only munchkin pick is Archer for high DPS from hero. What I'm saying is this feels like the only way to play the game with efficiency. I'd love to see more specialization from DD2 with indepth character skills possibly to create a character that can shine in more than one way. Variety. Here's some of my ridiculous suggestions: Knight: *
  3. Yeah, I just realized it after finally being able to defeat the first act. Doing my best to be a beta participant.
  4. I was pretty happy to finally get into beta since I've played both DD1 and DD2, but I had hoped there was more UI and content available. I've played the PC beta to level 10 on the 4th map of act 1, unfortunately I could not get past map 4 because the game crashed on me every time I had gotten to 4/5 or 5/5 waves. There are some things I am enjoying about the progress of beta. I'm pretty excited about the leveling system and the ability to have different heroes to easily min/max builds. Here's some things I'd like to see before release. UI improvements: Inventory: option to switch to other heroes inventory as well as the current hero player's on. Help information to see character ability details. Wave spawns: Sub-waves (not an official term): the spawns of enemy groups within combat phase. There is an internal timer that we can't see which the sub-waves spawns are tied to. I would like the sub-waves to prioritize spawn rate depending on all the enemies being defeated and the timer second. Skills: This is a long-shot request, but I'd love to see all the abilities from DD1 and DD2 in DDA. Give us the option to have skills to choose from. I really like the berserk mode from DD1 for the warrior. I may add more to the list if the game updates frequently and does maintenance. As of now the game seems like it's really in Alpha state to me.
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