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  1. Just to clarify, I do not hate Chromatics, they are working their ass to be done with this game. I just think they need some feedback and things they should consider to change/fix. What you should have done better: Should we start with the graphics? What went wrong there? The original Dungeon defenders hasn't good graphics, but it's good for its age. It has its charm, but it doesn't have all that good graphics. I believe from what I've seen from the trailer, that Dungeon defenders awakened got worse graphics than the previous games. The heroes aren't flawless either. I understand that it will be shadows in the future and that's why it looks a little odd. But I believe that the monk is the creepiest hero I've seen in a while. I think it should be considered a villain. Please make it look younger and less creepy. The teeth are messy, it looks weird and the eyebrows are way too large. You showed this of, it was something that was published by you on twitter. Why would you publish something that would get so much backlash? I also believe that the huntress is too pixelated and a little blurry, but at least it's not creepy. The other heroes looks pretty okay. There is nothing that stands out, but there is no flaws either. There is some small things that I think just looks ugly and that needs to be re-done entirely, and one of those things is the item box and inventory. It is so ugly, I don't understand how you could make something that is just a copy of any battle royal inventory. It doesn't fit the style and it looks weird. Things that I actually like I actually think there is some things that I actually like with the game so far. One of the things is how the towers are turning out. You can tell that some of the towers aren't finished yet, but the ones that are finished looks very good. The maps looks pretty decent, good job! The fact that you can actually play on the Nintendo Switch is a big plus of itself, or that is if the game turns out good. If the game turns out good, then I'd gladly try it on my Switch.
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