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  1. i think the monk looks a little...dopey? the ears and the face just look off to me, its unsettling.
  2. There probably is something in the code about the towers only being able to hit a certain number of targets and when the number exceeds the limit it just breaks not knowing what to do
  3. First off let me just say the beta is pretty fun. obviously its a beta so there are a few things that will get touched up before release but overall im happy so far. Second, as we only are able to play with the original 4 hero's I wanted to kinda get an idea on what hero's the community would like to see, be it from DD1, DD2, or even one that was in the old DD2 MOBA at PAX years ago that never got released. Personally, my fav hero ever since seeing her in the DD2 PAX gameplay has been the Gunwitch, and I really hope she gets put in DDA. Even if she doesnt tho, I'm still happy with the direction the game is headed.
  4. def +1 to add the original auto target for repair/upgrade from DD1. hopefully more ppl see this cause its pretty awkward trying to repair and upgrade Auras
  5. MMs in DD1 range was small early game. it should get a lot better with more gear and lvls. and as was already stated, increase/decrease range key is for when you get half map auras and traps so i you can fit more in places since you cant overlap same auras/traps
  6. Hello, im a returning player and I havent seen anything about what TF2 pets are going for these days. Any one have any idea?
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