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  1. im not sure if there is a place yet where i can do bug reports but if there is please point me in the right direction and close this thread. anyways, upon loading the game I found 2 issues. not big just minor annoyances. 1) when you bring up the tower wheel with T the sound is SUPER loud and no sound settings change it, i had to turn down my pc sound settings to make it bearable. 2) when using the overhead tower place camera with controller, you can rotate your character. you are locked into a strafe style movement. also the default button on controller of i assume R3 (it just shows R with an arrow point as to push in the stick) to change the camera style doesnt work as that is also pinging. againm if there is somewhere i can bug report please let me know. otherwise i'll be having fun playing this long awaited game. hope you all have a fun time and happy dungeon defending ^^
  2. Hello, im a returning player and I havent seen anything about what TF2 pets are going for these days. Any one have any idea?
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