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  1. Hello all! My name is WTLlama and to cut a long story short I have through a dumb mistake of my own doing ended up with a preorder for DDA for the Nintendo switch. Funny story is I don’t actually own a switch. So rather then refunding it I though well hey I have a extra code and a community here why not give it away? Anyways I’m rambling to make it sweet and simple I’m giving away the digital key when it’s available . If your interested just leave a comment on this post for what your most excited for or a good experience you had with the previous game , really anything along those lines and at the end of it all I’ll pick my favourite and that user can have the key when it’s available . Anyways best of luck to all . Can’t wait for full release!
  2. So on that subject I think ill close this on thank you for all help and I guess for anyone playing switch look forward to a give a way of some sort once i figure out how to give it away Ou0!
  3. At this point I may just preorder the game Again and give this code away here on the forms somewhere support hasn’t gotten back to me yet and the betas just around the corner.
  4. I don’t have an email registered to this preorder or should I say a email registered within that site just an email for the receipt .
  5. This may have to do with the fact that I’m accessing from my phone but mine looks like the following @ModWingz https://imgur.com/a/opjfrvN
  6. Hey @ModWingz , could you give me the steps on how to find this . I can’t find it in my options.
  7. Hey thanks you both for the replies . I just checked and most things can be changed in the backer kit but sadly what copy isn’t one of them and I’ll defiantly try sending another ticket to support . Thanks again !
  8. Hello very excited for this release but I have an issue . I understand your guys are very busy getting ready for the beta and I don’t tyler this with any hard feelings. That being said and this is completely my fault but I bought the wrong copy of the game . I accidentally bought the Nintendo switch copy when I need a PC copy and I’m not even sure if there anything you guys can do. I contacted support about it but haven’t heard back . So I’m typing this here in hopes someone sees it. Thanks and keep on being awesome!
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