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  1. Yeah I'm in the same page as you, I don't want to sound like a detractor, I genuinely want the game to be as great as possible. I think the maps look amazing, and the towers that I've seen look great too. Its just the models really let me down, like the huntresses neck & teeth, and the squire/monks face in general (lucky you barely have to see the front while you play). It's also a thing to note that the heroes don't seem to cast any shadow, I'm guessing it's because the images are from the switch version like someone else here pointed out. I also believe Chromatic needs stronger communication with the people that actually backed the project (us), here's to hoping that happens when the beta comes out.
  2. https://twitter.com/Chromatic_Games/status/1196903951259623425 They showcased the heroes on twitter today and they look absolutely terrible. Not sure where else to talk about it or voice my opinion on the matter. The characters just look so off, I was really hoping the banner art was just that, banner art. The game doesn't come out for a few more months so I hope it's just another sonic movie scenario. The majority of the official discord (and a large number of twitter replies) were voicing the same concerns over the current hero models (the crystal and mana are also bad but they're at least passable). I was really sold from the announcement streams that this would be a lot closer to Dungeon Defenders 1, yet visually it somehow managers to look a lot worse.
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