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  1. full of magic. and food. Probably from all the towers they eat when they "warp them to another plane of existence."
  2. Picture link fail. What was it? edited le post with a better one anyway :)
  3. We compile all of the community's suggestion and then pick our 10 favorites. (Since our forum polls will only allow 10 options.) Oh the limits of vbulletin :) still not sure why so many communities insist on using it. I myself am partial to IPB. Been using it for almost 9 years now and would never use any other :)
  4. FTFY. Not disagreeing, just adding to your views. :) No, he had it right. Lucky, Blessed, Enchanted, they are named that based on how many negative resists are on the piece. Enchanted = 4 positives. Also, all of these items are "possible" to get the stats (minus the resists flaw) except for the fact that the actual CHANCE of getting them is so outrageous that getting -5- of them all with perfect stats you need like those will easily take you years of playing DD unless you truly luck out.
  5. If this is indeed true, and my ticket with steam gets the same response, I say we get the pitchforks ready. Steam would rather ban honest customers than admit their awesome 100% accurate VAC system made a mistake. This has tainted my 10 year loyalty to the company. If something like this tainted your view of them, jump ship then. If they admitted the system was faulty, it'd have EVERYONE who gets banned start complaining. When you're told "you don't get unbanned no matter what", cheaters will generally throw their hands up and either start buying more copies to cheat or play legit, or not p
  6. You're missing the point, teh point is, you can't actually "play" pvp because people tend to kick anyone that's beating them. It's part of the reason free wins is the only way to go- winning legitimately is practically impossible when anyone you kill assumes you're hacking. You missed the point that I did exactly what you said couldn't be done. I just spent like 2+ hours hosting game after game where I'd leave my laptop afk in game where no one gets kicked.
  7. lol that's win. I'd do it to dissuade people from being in paypal shops if I had an extra account.
  8. Hosting games is fine for win trading, but it's not fine if you actually want to play PvP. Any time you're winning and not the host, you're liable to get kicked. I'm hosting it right now. Helped countless people play fair pvp with no issues. "afk - free wins" is the game name.
  9. I demand Boss skins, that all have Jeremy dressed up in silly costumes! Seconded.
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