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  1. It seems the course of action you've decided to take is discredit me and make my points invalid. I used facts, data, quotes from veteran players, and more to come to my conclusion. You however, somehow believe your opinion is far greater than all of this, due to the fact you were maybe a top 10 mastery player at that time. I am starting to see a trend that leads me to a word called denialism.
  2. interesting.... this assumes that I told the people that I asked the questions about bee meta to that it would be used against you or even used at all, in short I did not. I asked on multiple discords (juicebags, official dd, etc) , dm'd certain people (zombiewookie) and got these responses. There were more replies on the topic that favored bees were the meta when I posed the question. If you need I can readdress the topic in these discords and show you very specifically that these are unguided and their own responses. These replies being from "veteran" dd2 players.
  3. just in case you didn't get it yet...… I stated 28% the maps couldn't use bees..... so out of 100%, 28% cant soooo 100-28 = 72 not 62
  4. Ill attempt to give you sometime to fix your very basic computation mistake...…. 100-28 = x
  5. It was from the Discord. Would you like a screenshot of it?
  6. Your main refute seems to be that mastery cannot have a bee meta due to the ruleset simply not allowing the bees to be used so often. If I remember you stated that the ruleset of mastery has not changed. So, I counted the maps using your parameters [no blockades, no traps, no more than one] and found that over 70% of the maps could use bees and trees. to be exact only 41/147 = aprox. 28% could not use bees.
  7. Great thing about this discussion is it is on the subject of META. I did not have to be around this period because META during a time period is decided by the player base and I am able to communicate with people that played during this period and experienced the META. Videos can show me the META, forums, etc What was META does not get to be dictated by one person
  8. I find it amusing that you deny the META. a META is what is widely used, and there seems to be a consensus that Bees were widely used in mastery, and therefore a META
  9. less clamoring for vindication, more so refuting your imputations
  10. Also maybe I should let Exglint reply but you've said this all before so lets break down his "dishonesty" one by one Claim: "You said that you got to floor 400 and stopped; you lied." --- This is partially true, he did not stop at floor 400..... he started to push onwards, I believe he is on floor 420 but a bit of proof from a past stream *refer to picture* Claim:  "You said hornets were the META in Mastery, you lied" --- here is a link to Juicebags using the meta on just one of his many mastery stream. https://youtu.be/6ZYvg-LlRxM. As well as other players saying D
  11. So I have to know random to know that he has 0 AP resets? I've never once claimed to know random, but I don't doubt he would know me from the DD discord.
  12. Hello fellow defender, Quote from CG Dani, "Yeah, if you see anyone with a gilded hypershard in DD2 atm, it's the result of abusing an unintended in game bug. We've warned folks that doing so may cause harm to their profiles in future. Very much a risk that is not advised as we wouldn't be able to help in the case of any loss. Nice folks don't cheat"
  13. What’s the weapon man in the top right corner of the first picture for?
  14. it could of been merciful rng, but either way now your reroll guarantee is reset back.
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