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  1. Apparently the beta is live? At least that's how I interpreted the instagram post. Anyways, if this is true then how do the backers get access to the beta?
  2. So how do we access this Beta?
  3. When I emailed they got back fairly quick, try sending another email. Sorry that I'm not offering too much help but there's nothing I can do except comment on this thread so that more people see the thread
  4. Also does anyone know what the price will be after the reduced price?
  5. I also really enjoy the fact that certain levels have a new tier attached to them, it really gave you a goal in DD1 with the knowledge that at a specific level all of this loot you've been hoarding becomes available.
  6. I find myself agreeing with a lot of other people on the UI. Being fair, it does it's job very well and I think should be in the game, but there should be options for what UI the players want (I have no idea how hard this would be to code, but I don't think it would be too difficult). If it looks like that for a beta, then that is perfectly fine, but some more customisation options would be highly appreciated.
  7. Could we get a rough estimate on the date in November? are we talking 4 weeks or 4 days?
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