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  1. Please, I'm a new defender ... don't abuse.
  2. If you were wrong to add a mod, or would like to make another set mods different ... That you can pay 200 medals for each mod to different relics, on this way: if the main relic has: 10/10 servo power. 10/10 anti-boss servo. ... And you want to pass it to a relic X the power servo, and another relic Y the anti-boss servo Relic X: 10/10 servo power. ... ... Relic Y: 10/10 anti-boss servo. ... ...
  3. Currently the Onslaught works as follows: Choose a floor. Build a random map. Finish the waves, pick up the chest. Give it next floor, and you must wait a longer or shorter load time depending on your internet. If you want to make 20 floors, it will take a long time, and if you want to reach 200, 500 or 900 ... more and more. I think that the temple map has a lot of potential, and in world map of Onslaught add other dot with old mode of Onslaught the next way: Choose a floor. Build the map of the temple. Finish the waves, pick up the chest. Give it next and without changing the map, all the enemy lines are closed and other random lines are opened; the waves counter returns to 0, the defenses return to t1. The build is modified a bit, and you can continue doing floor more fast without building all. And other thing... for example you are in floor 115. If you dont need use repeat wave, your next floor will be 120. If you need use it, your next floor will be 116.
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