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  1. Hello everyone, today i've crashed twice on Winter Wonderland during the final wave with four people. The game just closes itself with no message. The crashes happened on to completely separate computers and happened the exactly same way. I use two completely different emulators so it isn't that either. Does anyone else encounter this? It really ruins the game for me. I would really like it to stop. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated but to me its just seeming like the game itself which is pretty sad.
  2. Very frustrating that you'd give us this with the F5 button not functioning. Thanks a lot for that. Thats great.
  3. Thanks! I ended up using traps and that worked.
  4. Hello, I am trying to do a one crystal build on sky city to farm a cat. I build everything at the starting center crystal and just let the mobs come to it. My only problem is that Djinn are despawning the buff beams on the other crystals. I just have an aura stack and a buff beam upgraded on them. Is there any way I can reliably stop them from despawning things?
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