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  1. Does anyone know how we get the new Crystalline weapons? New canister and claw? Do they just drop from random chests in Primes?
  2. I’m offering to carry people through some floors, only up until 68 because that’s the floor I’m on for this prestige. kittysaurus__rex send me a request, and I’ll join up.
  3. Hey fellow Defenders, I’m writing this as a warning to all PS4 players out there. There is a player going around asking to trade rare pets, he sends a screenshot of the pets he has to offer, then says he wants to trade for something specific. He wants you to put it in your shop and the second he buys it, he leaves, taking your pets with him. It’s honestly the worst kind of player. His PSN is ***Mod edit*** i hope this thread helps someone out there. If the same thing happens to you, make sure you fill out a ticket explaining the situation to Chromatic, they were g
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