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  1. No, horizon is only if you wish to mod the files, if you follow the first 30seconds or so it shows you how to copy your game save onto the usb
  2. this should help, its a small tutorial
  3. goto storage > xbox harddrive {forgot exact name havent used x360 for years} goto dungeon defenders press on your save press copy and should bring a menu asking where you want to copy it too, just click your usb from there and your good
  4. you can try the stone throw spear, which is the non event version of ball blaster
  5. if i wasnt broke af i would snipe them
  6. your welcome, enjoy the game bud
  7. Sanchez

    [WTS] Events

    erh thats lame
  8. Hey bud, theres a great one by plane in the DDRNG discord found here @ https://discord.gg/FE4cRCs or here: if you dont have discord
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