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  1. 2 minutes ago, Jaws_420 said:

    Always play the highest level you can, even if you can't beat it. As enemies drop items, constantly look for better gear, and swap in any improvements. Don't waste time or money on upgrading your gear unless you are stuck on a chaos tier and the stuff you want is not dropping. C7 is when you start upgrading everything. Study each chaos tier though and ensure you know how to beat not only the newly introduced enemy unit, but what pack of enemies show on that tier. This is excellent training for endgame play. 


    40 minutes ago, playertt said:

    i would focus on gear score because it will be quicker  getting to chaos 7 / almost any gear stats will get you to chaos 7 

    Thanks for the feedback.

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  2. Im a semi new player just starting to hit chaos levels and i wanted to get a few questions asked to better understand how advancing the chaos tier levels.

    Should i be focusing on stats when grinding chaos 1 or just focus on the gear level to advance to the next tier? or should i just be upgrading it as im currently around 700 gear score right now and eligible to do c2's but not as a solo q 

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