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  1. Since I can't edit my earlier post, the Trone Room was shown in the trailer for the switch version of the game.
  2. If I remember correctly there were 13 maps in the base game and 4 dlc maps in dd1, but I doubt we will be getting the dlc maps from dd1. I know that with the exception gliterhelm caverns and the dlc maps the maps had a trend of a set of 4 maps and then on the last wave of the fourth map would have a boss in the first game. Though we know that A Deeper Well is in, Forges and Foundries is likely to come back, Magus Quarters might come back, we know Alchemist Laboratory is back, rip Servant Quarters, Castle Armory I hope comes back, Hall of Court I honestly didn't like, The Throne Room will probably make it, Royal Garden is confirmed, The Ramparts I hope is back, Endless Spires should come back but I don't know at the moment, The Summit probably will be back as that map was the final map in the main story in that game, but other than that I don't know.
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