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  1. so by the end of quest for shard, you'll do no hero damage, die in 2 hits, have all your towers webbed, have all your auras absorbed by djinn, and all your money dropped into DLC packs for a new hero that is the only way to survive it all >.>
  2. most importantly what setup did you use and how much HP did those wave 20+ ogres have >.
  3. monk snare/elect at all spawn point chokes, behind that 2 fireballs at each and magic blockade to block choke preferably deep into the ensnare, wyverns defense are all the way at top pointing down by crystal, and all the way left pointing NW and SW(sw ones can cover bottom as well) I stack heavy on top and far right so i dont have to run there for every ogre and can take care of close to middle ogres right away. my layout is in link. http://html5.cubicleninja.com/dd/index.htm?layout=5233
  4. Strength, Electricity, Heal, Inferno in the center for fighting. 2 Electricity, 2 Proxy, 2 Inferno at back. 2 Electricity, 1 Strength, 2 Proxy, 2 Inferno at front lane. 1 Electricity, Proxy Inferno on the spawn to the right of the front lane. 2 Electricity, 2 Inferno, 1 Proxy to the left of the front lane. Assuming the busy lane is the front lane. Outside of ninjas and ogres, very few things get through. Wyverns tend to hover outside for no reason. I lost with 5 left at 14th round. I'm pretty confident this setup is the way to go though. your original post with setup, but could you po
  5. I'm sure many people are trying to figure out a strat for this and help would be welcome, if you've got it down past 2 or 3 waves post up a ss of your setup and a description of your strat to help put together a better method to survive it! If you don't like spoilers or prefer figuring it out on your own don't read ahead >.
  6. cap, shoulders get covered, daggers on belt on hip, gloves have blades on them.. it looks pretty different going back and forth between them
  7. So i just finished hard mode mistmyre and unlocked the assassin skin, it wasn't in the patch notes so i'm wondering if anyone else has unlocked anymore other skins for the new heroes? back view: http://steamcommunity.com/id/rhelloz/screenshot/612719639801498535 front view: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197974907484/screenshot/612719639801495319
  8. I don't see how it's possible after having gone through it just now, final boss has 13 mil damage.. your damage is nerfed to hell, you get raped by constant barrage of spiders.. all the while ogres beating the CRAP out of defenses, my blockades have 58k health, and even sitting in a str drain aura you get destroyed by ogres. and nowhere on the map is safe from spiders although maybe i'm missing some trick to the boss? like when the towers all attack him is there a way to get bonus damage
  9. I just patched, post patch the max dps i can pull is 407k from 552k. 150k less dps. perhaps trendy will at least think to buff auto attack damage to compensate.. but that's doubtful. also note i'm on a ranger.. which has more hero damage then huntress.. huntress damage will be even worse.
  10. It also directly rewards hardcore players that take the time to gear/level several toons so they can have a tower app and a dps app to use when your hunter much weaker. I personally have 1 of each to be able to build towers, buuild auras, build blockades, and build traps, then my hunter as my only dps toon. Some people don't have the time to level up several difference heroes to be able to just swap when one gets nerfed this hard.
  11. for me.. my auto attack only does 263,286 dps. My spreadshot standing at dummy (so all 3 hit) does 288,687 DPS this adds up to 552,023 which pretty much matches my top end dummy damage of 552073. that's over HALF (52.29%) my damage that will be effected. 1.25 to 4 seconds is 31.25% so dps will shoot down to 90214 for spreadshot.. that's 198,473 DPS I'm losing (from 288637). taking me from 552023 damage.. to 353,600 at top end, a 36% nerf. considering how much dps i would do on any other class with the same gear my ranger has.. that's a ridiculous nerf.
  12. your math is wrong. you averaged post 7.13 higher then either of your ss's for it.. pre 7.13 is 264420 post is 215220 which is about a 23% damage difference. that's a pretty big nerf, especially when apprentices with high end gear are breaking 1 mil, and huntress with equal gear is in the 500-600k range
  13. this is false ranger does not pierce with all weapons. i've tested several types of bows, trishooter, simple, kobold bomber, etc. none pierce. easy way to test is to aim at the dummy above the shop keeper and watch if it goes through.
  14. Add Rhe||oZ on steamm i have a ton of 50+ armors to trade
  15. add me on steam: Rhe||oZ i have a lot of good armor for you to check in my tavern
  16. have a ton of great armor add me on steam: Rhe||oZ and we can put together a set for you or could buy for mana
  17. can give you 300 mil for the huntress grd i also have a few 50+ up pristine pieces, Rhe||oZ in steam i added a mannus but not sure if it's you
  18. I personally love the random wyvern that flies up through the ceiling over all defenses on mage quarters and kills the crystal
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