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  1. So if im reseting at floor 50 for ex, im gonna be 1860 still? Ps: im on ps4
  2. Hello, i have a question about ascensions rr farming My first ascension power was at floor 84... my 4 one was at 170.. so basically for 5 i need to go 190-200.. and also i had 2k ascension level.. The problem? Well i seen so many players who reset after 2-3days.. that guys that have 1000 ascension levels and 20+ restarts.. so i was thinking.. how they do that? I mean i dont think they go from floor 30 to 200-400 in 2-3 days. So i joined a party with a guy like that.. he told me that he will reset at floor 50.. he care only for multiple resets.. not about max floor and how much his ascension lvl is So i did that.. rr at floor 100..not 190-200 how i wanted.. cuz it was too boring to go there again.. and my ascension level went from 2040 to 1860.. so right now i understand that why many good players barely have 2k ascension lvls.. many do the same trick right? Reset as fast u can.. in time u will get more gold and exp and will be easier when u maybe will stop this Im at power 5.. i want to go to 15 and stop.. i need only 15 resets.. but im afraid that probably this ,,trick" will go me to ascension level really 500-600.. Can anyone explain me better how to reset fast and what to really look for? I dont want to waste 15-20 m for every restart.. i know is a looong loong way but i dont think everyone go everytime at 200-500+ onslaught for 1 reset -.-
  3. Hello BlueConfusedMage Im always farm on public because more items and sometims help new players to get good mods for just waiting on me to do the map I never waited on somebody or to stay to look at stars for 5 min when everyone is accepting to do the next wave Today i told on one of my friend( his older on the game than me) about that incident He told me that he was on a map with them one week ago but because he is so advanced on ascending probably didnt kick him because of that The funny thing was they desperate pointing on him to gave to one of them the gems and do the map He told me that their defense failed( or his cuz only one of 3 move, the rest just follow him after some second) their defense failed on wave 4.. he accepted to restart the wave and when the wave restarted they kicked him too I guess they have a problem with peoples who have more dps than them or just some kids who thing wow that s funny Still remember that 2 of them 1 month ago stayed with me on lomg farm,one of them send me an invitation but i refused cuz i was feeling that they might want me to do some longgggg onslaught lvls( to carry both) So they dont have a problem only with me from what i see
  4. Thank you so much Jaws I wrote a ticket for them, wish if u blocked someone to not enter the maps with them anymore I wish they will pay for what they did to me and my friend and im 100% sure we are not the only one I wanted to talk to him but all of account have blocked message from players, so u cant talk to them I really hope that they will be banned at least 30 days :)
  5. Hello, i finally took a photo of 2 players( some times 3) which are same account 2 of them and one a friend The problem is over a month at ps 4, they enter the same room as you and kick you in last round by voting They never enter alone, only both or all 3 Today they kicked me and my friend entered the map after my kick He manage to took a photo with phone and after the wave 4 he was kicked Please! Do something, they play on ps 4 and im tired of this stupid group who enter all of them and kick others You cant kick them cuz they are 2 or 3u always they press no buttom What to do?https://imgur.com/Bd5bU25
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